SPAM in the Helproom ...

  Technotiger 08:27 24 Jul 2009

Example ... click here

Is it just me, or has there been a large rise in the number of these posts recently?

I dunno why, but I find them a bloomin' nuisance I have notified FE of some of them, but to notify each and every one would take up too much of FE's time, I'm sure he has better things to do than keep reading my mails.

The second post in the above example, is no doubt just more SPAM!!

  Technotiger 08:35 24 Jul 2009

He he he ... just tried to open my link, didn't work - good, perhaps FE has found a way to counter SPAM!

  exdragon 08:36 24 Jul 2009

Maybe he'll let us know if he's getting too many notifications, although when I reported one which was identical each three forums, I asked if he needed to be told about each one and he said he did.

At least he doesn't need to reply to us, as he did before he came up with the idea of us adding 'FE informed' to such posts!

  laurie53 09:23 24 Jul 2009

I think it depends a bit on whether you happen to log in at the time they arrive. I'm sure there are people saying "What spam in the Helproom?"

FE must get a lot, I wonder how many per day/week on average?

  Bingalau 10:08 24 Jul 2009

This idiot posting the "spam" if that is the word for it should be completely ignored. I imagine he gets a kick just seeing the words "FE informed" But wouldn't it be better if the FE is informed but no message put in that particular thread to say so...???

  laurie53 10:48 24 Jul 2009

No, because half a hundred people would keep informing the FE, since they wouldn't know he'd been told.

  Si_L 11:23 24 Jul 2009

Is going to get spam, its as sure as death and taxes.

  wiz-king 11:52 24 Jul 2009

He/she gets paid for the number of people that click on any of the links. They are not just an idiot playing about, companies pay to advertize anmd to have links put on popular websites like this one.

  Bingalau 12:02 24 Jul 2009

So once the message "FE informed" has appeared. That thread should be completely ignored.

  Managing ed 12:03 24 Jul 2009

Spends way too long each day deleting spam threads such as those. I'm afraid, as you say, it is the price of popularity. It ebbs and flows depending on the efforts of our online developers and the ISP to keep spammers out, but there's always some, each and every day. If you do spot spam, it's worth dropping FE (or me) a line. It does help. Never, ever click on a spam link, and remember FE in your prayers! It really is a tough part of his job.

Matt Egan
Managing Editor

  Chris the Ancient 12:08 24 Jul 2009


That is one part of his job that I do not envy!

Come to think of it, he must have a tough life trying to keep this forum in line, throw out spam, do a 'real' job and, somewhere in between, have a home life!

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