Spaced TV show ,any good?

  iqs 16:20 15 Oct 2009


I liked Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead,and have seen the boxset of Spaced selling for £12.

I didn't watch Spaced first time around,but I like the work of Simon Pegg.
So just how good was Spaced,worth buying.


  interzone55 16:33 15 Oct 2009

If you can get Dave it's on next Monday

click here

I watched it when it was first on TV and didn't enjoy it...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:45 15 Oct 2009

I thought that Spaced was one of the best, most subtle (sometimes) comedy shows ever and Jessica Stevenson played her part brilliantly.
If you like series that have odd but well-defined characters, I would recommend the current favourite 4, Peep show, The Inbetweeners (pure Comedy Gold especially if you can remember when you were 16, My name is Earl and my favourite of all time 'Ideal' with Johnny Vegas and Graham Duff.
All are similar in the slightly off-beat style that Spaced has.


  iqs 09:26 16 Oct 2009

Hi alan14,I can get Dave,and have marked it on the calendar,thanks

Hi GANDALF <|:-)> ,Watched a few of the programs you listed,but couldn't get into them.
My sister lives My Name Is Earl,watched a few,had its moments.

Hi fourm member,Will be watching Spaced on Dave like you,thanks

  iqs 14:54 18 Oct 2009

Just watched series 1 and 2,in one word brilliant...

  g40 17:47 19 Oct 2009

some people even like daniel o'donnell,and if thats what makes them happy, then good on them, Spaced,in my humble... is a really funny, and remarkable show,intelligent, witty, great characters, and worth £12 of anyones money!

  iqs 22:08 19 Oct 2009

I agree, well worth the asking price

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