Space tourism getting closer

  oresome 17:38 31 Mar 2011

Will it ever take off?

click here

And for those who can afford a flight, will it come down again?

  Forum Editor 18:40 31 Mar 2011

and yes.

You heard it here first.

  canarieslover 18:47 31 Mar 2011

I think the real question will be "Do you really want to go?" My wife's first question will be "Are there any good shops there?" I'll answer "No" to both questions.

  oresome 19:20 31 Mar 2011

Quote from the article:

"Seeing a new vehicle that will someday be taking commercial passengers into space, and allowing the population at large to experience space travel, is just tremendously exciting."

Population at large?

Makes you wonder what planet these people are on.

  morddwyd 20:21 31 Mar 2011

I no more want to experience space travel, with no destination, than I want to take off in an aeroplane, fly for 15 minutes and land again.

I'll wait until they are offering long weekends on Pluto, with or without decent shops!

  Forum Editor 00:23 01 Apr 2011

instead of the current 24ish.

Over my dead body. The one time I get to read, eat, watch films, doze, do a bit of work, have an interesting chat about nothing with the cabin crew, and generally feel that my time is my own, and some jumped up billionaire of an action man wants to take it all away from me.

I even - and you have to be enormously courageous to say this in public - quite enjoy a couple of hours in the transit lounge at Bangkok airport.

I know, I know, think it but don't say it.

  Dragon_Heart 02:27 01 Apr 2011

For about $5000 you can go on a trip in the 'vomit comet'. OK you also have o get yourself to Vegas but it's a bit cheaper than $125,000.

To go from say about 450 to 500 mph to 2500 mph in 60 seconds will give you some experience of G force too. Heart condition, blood pressure etc you're a no go !

Me ? Give me a ride on the new GP Honda bike.

  Dragon_Heart 02:42 01 Apr 2011

Bit too cold for me ( varies between about -235 and -210 C ) and your 'weekend' will take you about nine and a half years to get there.

The human body is not designed for space flight nor the great acceleration needed for a quicker trip.

Spend your $125,000 (small change to the FE I know) on a world tour.

  morddwyd 07:23 01 Apr 2011

"The human body is not designed for space flight"

And the human brain will explode if it travels at 60mph, or so the Victorians believed.

  SimpleSimon1 08:56 01 Apr 2011

"...quite enjoy a couple of hours in the transit lounge at Bangkok airport."

Bangkok Airport...Oh God, No! Now, if you'd said Changi, that would be all whole different bowl of rice....But, Bangkok....I think you need a holiday :-)

  Forum Editor 09:07 01 Apr 2011

Changi is fine - I see it fairly often, but I like the big,ultra-modern,totally impersonal airports. They are among the few places left where you can be in a big crowd whilst feeling totally alone and anonymous.

Bangkok airport just oozes 'you do your job and I'll do mine' atmosphere. It's designed for getting people in, out, and through Thailand with efficiency, and it works for me. I love the place. Honk Kong airport is bigger, modern, and certainly efficient, but doesn't quite match up in my opinion.

Heathrow? Well, Heathrow is Heathrow.

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