Space Hobby?

  crosstrainer 06:34 19 Dec 2008

NASA are to sell off the remaining 3 space shuttles:

click here

What a great new hobby :)) Anyone got a spare $42 million (ONO)? Perhaps we could all club together and explore space :))

  wiz-king 06:51 19 Dec 2008

Dont tell Branson or we will have Virgin spaceflights.

  crosstrainer 07:58 19 Dec 2008

Sadly, we wouldn't get the engines or onboard computers....I can deal with the IT side of things :)) Anyone good with large SRB's? Also, we would need a very large fuel tank....Oh, and the engine as well :((

  crosstrainer 08:04 19 Dec 2008

Some brave / foolish souls to trust us enough to actually fly the thing :))

  interzone55 08:32 19 Dec 2008

The shuttle is actually free, the $42 million is the delivery charge. So perhaps we could arrange to collect it?

My customers complain about a £300 delivery charge for 10m CCTV columns, can you imagine if I gave a delivery quote in 8 figures...

  crosstrainer 08:35 19 Dec 2008

:)) Therefore, we will also need a converted 747 as well..!

  crosstrainer 08:52 19 Dec 2008

...Economic climate, perhaps they would consider a "Buy one get one free" offer?

  laurie53 10:25 19 Dec 2008

"Dont tell Branson or we will have Virgin spaceflights."

Already well in hand

click here

  interzone55 10:59 19 Dec 2008

We could just fly it back, can't that hard surely.

Maybe NASA will throw in a tank full of super unleaded for taking it off their hands.

Then again, NASA already have the converted 747s for when they have to shift the Shuttles from Edwards Air Force Base back to the Kennedy Space Center. These will be redundant now as well, so we'll offer to take one off their hands...

  interzone55 11:02 19 Dec 2008

The shuttle delivery vehicle, for anyone unfamiliar with this amazing aircraft...

click here

  crosstrainer 11:30 19 Dec 2008

Good idea :)) They will have no use for these converted aircraft as you say, still have the SRB's, shuttle engines and (very large) main fuel tank to source though :))

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