Spa 2007 -- Oh dear!

  Diemmess 09:15 17 Sep 2007

Twentytwo cars formed an orderly queue.
The lights went out and they all set off spacing out a bit from one another.

Five stopped because something had broken, and there were a few, very few changes in the middle order.

After nearly two hours the ones at the front had stretched out quite a lot, someone waved a black and white checked flag, the whole lot turned off into a back lane and that was that.
To me, what a wasted Sunday afternoon.

  rdave13 09:36 17 Sep 2007

I'm afraid I agree with you. Used to enjoy F1 and looked forewards to the Sunday race. I don't bother now as it's a procession and not true racing in my opinion.

  Marko797 09:36 17 Sep 2007

what did u think was going to happen in a F1 race? It's not banger car racing.

  Edbanger 09:36 17 Sep 2007

This happens in the majority of races.

  Diemmess 09:51 17 Sep 2007

Disppointment I suppose. Expecting too much. Local boy added nothing to the day except to look piqued because his first corner charge didn't work.
I have this feeling that what promised to be a grand finish to the circus this season, will now fizzle out to an appalling anti climax, the last races being duplicates of this one.

  crosstrainer 09:58 17 Sep 2007

A very bad weekend all-round really....I'm trying (being Welsh) to forget the rugby as well as the grand prix....All politics now in F1.

  interzone55 10:11 17 Sep 2007

I think the last races may be quite exciting, now that McLaren have nothing else to lose they won't interfere between Alonso & Hamilton, so we could well have so exciting battles between the two.

  Marko797 10:16 17 Sep 2007

I'm a supporter of LH. Must b a lot of pressure on the yng man what with the number of races reducing quickly and the challenge from Alonso for the title.

With regard to 'Local boy added nothing to the day except to look piqued because his first corner charge didn't work', feel this is a little unfair. Ferrari had the better cars on the day and McLaren had no reply, either from Alonso or LH.

Let's just hope things improve over the coming weeks. I'd love to see LH take the title!

  Chegs ®™ 12:36 17 Sep 2007

Gave up watching F1 as it has always been 2 hours of boredom since Schumaker was allowed to "take out" Damon Hill to win.There is a bit of fuss made every once in a while to keep the fans tuning in,but most of these fans soon tire and go watch some paint dry.Far more interesting.

  Diemmess 15:07 17 Sep 2007

Add Prost and Senna where Senna took out Prost at the first corner and became that year's champion. It was safer to do so rather than run a race which he might might not have won.

Another time at Monaco where Senna had mechanical trouble and looked certain to be overtaken, the race was stopped because of "heavy rain", making Senna the winner.

LH with his extraordinary ability and modesty, has been distracted by the politics and the sheer aggression of his team partner.

For the rest of the season he now has to be as aggressive as Alonso and singleminded as he was through all the earlier races, otherwise F1 events will sink back into the boring repetitious style of the past.

  spuds 17:30 17 Sep 2007

At least you have an alternative choice. Rugby,Football or Cricket anyone!!.

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