SP2 A Service Pack Too Far?

  igk 15:35 24 Sep 2004

For many months now the Microsoft Propaganda department has been extolling the virtues of their latest upgrade SP2 and persuading people to turn on automatic updating in order to download and install it.
Any one who uses these forums and the newsgroups have now seen what a major disaster has occurred by doing this and now this has been compounded by the release of it on computer magazine cover cd’s.
It would seem that one of the more disturbing problems is that SP2 is not compatible with the latest 64 bit cpu’s, so you would think that Microsoft would have known this and apart from a minute bit of wording in the depths of their website seem to have done nothing to warn people of the dangers of trying to put SP2 on a machine with this sort of cpu, I think it has to be asked why SP2 was not designed to pick up on this and cancel the installation giving the reason for aborting also it would have helped if the same warning had been printed on the cover of the SP2 cd.
One can only hope that the large computer retailers that are now having to ship out rescue disks to customers so that they can convert their now useless piece of junk into the machine that they paid good money for will claim compensation from Microsoft

  bremner 15:58 24 Sep 2004

I do not know on what basis you make such a sweeping statement - do you have a 64 bit machine that has had problems with SP2?

I have been running SP2 on three 64 bit machines with no problems at all. I also know many other users with 64 bit machines who have had no problems.

I am aware that MESH achines seem to have originally had some issue but was that due to some particular way MESH set their machines up?

  Forum Editor 17:36 24 Sep 2004

as if you've operated keyboard before engaging brain here igk - you're not in possession of the facts.

1. You talk of a "major disaster" yet the majority of people who have installed SP2 have had no problems at all, or very minor ones, easily solved.

2. As for "SP2 is not compatible with the latest 64 bit cpu’s" well that's rubbish. There have certainly been problems with Mesh machines that are built with 64bit processors, but that's a Mesh problem, not a Microsoft one. As far as I'm aware Mesh have now resolved this with Microsoft, so the panic's over. Otherwise I know that there is an issue with a specific AMD 64 bit CPU, but that doesn't apply to all of them.

3. No computer retailers will be suing Microsoft for compensation because there's nothing to sue for - please don't make such dramatic comments unless you know what you're talking about.

  Dorsai 18:41 24 Sep 2004

It went OK for me. I am not sure if it has any benifit either, but i knew i could remove it if it did not work. But it did. So it is currently staying.

My Pc is Home built, so a very random collection of parts. But SP2 coped with it.

What more can i say?

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