South Africa

  Shopgirl 11:51 01 Mar 2012

I would like views on the following. 1 Lagos Nigeria. 2 Has anybody been to Lagos in Nigeria for a holiday. 3 I would like some information about about place. 4 I have a friend who lives there and works there part of there job. I would be grateful for all your views.

  Woolwell 11:55 01 Mar 2012

Personally I wouldn't go see FCO advice.

  Quickbeam 12:27 01 Mar 2012

Looks like The Dales are your best bet for this year, they only advise about perilous drystone walls.

  john bunyan 12:41 01 Mar 2012

First of all, Nigeria is in West Africa, not South. Nice as most Nigerians are, it is the con- artists capital of the world; I would avoid it unless you have a contract from a reputable multi national. Thge number of scams that originate from there are too numerous to mention here.

  spuds 13:05 01 Mar 2012

Cannot say much about Lagos nowadays, but in my and my colleagues travelling days, you were met with a stinking rubbish dump not far from the airport, and the passport checks required some form of 'goodwill', as did some other places. Even had a colleague who flew in, and was on the return flight back, due to a 'misunderstanding'!.

If you have a friend there, then they should be able to provide some up to date answers, and possible support. Nothing better than local knowledge!.

  sunnystaines 13:45 01 Mar 2012

beware lots of trouble in nigeria the extreme moslems are killing the natives in the north, in the south many criminal gangs operate against oil companies, and victoria beach public executions take place not sure if that has stopped.

as well as holiday cash pack bribe money to get though the airport

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:19 01 Mar 2012

Nobody here is qualified to give advice on such matters. Do as Woolwell suggested and check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

  ams4127 16:57 01 Mar 2012

I've been there. Stay well clear.

  Bingalau 17:19 01 Mar 2012

Speaking from experience ... Never take a holiday (even a free one) on the African continent. It's as simple as that. Avoid it like the plague. There are a lot of other places to avoid as well but Africa is number one.

  NORFOLK SPARKY 17:37 01 Mar 2012

Bingalau is being a bit unfair tarring the whole of Africa with the same brush. I had a wonderful holiday in south Africa around 4 years ago, but personally I would avoid Nigeria for the moment

  Forum Editor 18:17 01 Mar 2012


"Never take a holiday (even a free one) on the African continent. It's as simple as that. Avoid it like the plague."

I'm not sure why you would say that, but I'm going to disagree. Africa covers a huge area, and is home to some of the most spectacular scenery on earth,as well as some of the friendliest people I have ever met. There are some places that might be best avoided, but there are places like that on every continent, including Europe.

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