Sounds alright or not?

  TopCat® 17:15 20 Sep 2011

Be prepared, you Londoners, for a coming change from the constant roar of moving traffic on your roads to the tranquil sounds of the sea washing over pebbles from Chesil Beach. The object of a speaker setup is to 'drown out, the traffic noise! First performance will be the Euston Road, by gad.

Hope they won't forget to cater for those cursed with weak bladders !! :o) TC.


  Aitchbee 17:44 20 Sep 2011

Is it a quote from a song?,TC.Martha and the Muffins did 'Echo Beach'...far away inside....

  Aitchbee 18:08 20 Sep 2011

I love the sound of the sea, or the wind,rustling through the leaves.The sound of silence, also gets me going.

  daz60 18:47 20 Sep 2011

"to change the context in which you hear something you change the meaning",

am i slow or dim but does that mean if i heard the Nuremberg Rally in Israel it's meaning would be different.??

Who is going to listen to this when people either have music in their ears or on radio in their car or a mobile pinned to their ears.!!

As a night bus driver i pass the junction of Euston and Tottenham Ct Rd always and even when there is no traffic it is the noisiest place i know of,barring the house of commoners,due by the wind rattling through and around the area.

So he would have to ramp up the decibels to drown out that extraneous noise.

  Chegs ®™ 05:36 21 Sep 2011

Reading the linked article reminded me of how several years ago before the local radio station started transmitting 24hrs a day,the frequency on the radio was transmitting the sounds of a summers day.I would listen to the sound of birds,the wind through grass & even identified the sound of an airplane passing high overhead,for hours.It was quite calming and I would listen to it rather than music or watch TV.I also used to camp-out in the back garden as a child,& often heard the foghorn at St Bees or the roar from Workington steelworks blast furnaces and see the faint orange glow in the sky.The more I think about the sounds I used to hear,the more I realise I miss now.I now live much closer to the lighthouse but cannot recall how long ago it is since I heard the foghorn,the blast furnaces are long gone and I wouldn't see their glow anyway due to all the light pollution now.I also recall listening early morning to a motorcycle leaving the village,when he/she hit the main road the rider would really wind on the throttle and I loved to hear a 4-stroke engine being thrashed hard through each gear.The noise was easily heard for about 5 miles monday through to friday.When out walking my dog,I occasionally hear a motorcycle being ridden hard but it's only ever for a few seconds whereas this early morning rider could be heard for several minutes gradually fading to nothing.I've also been fishing on the pier in town,& heard the racers in the Isle of Man TT presumably as they're descending the mountain.If the traffic noise on Euston Road is even half as loud as I used to hear walking my daughter home from school,then Chesil Beach won't be heard as I had to bend down & get my daughter to shout directly into my ear to have a conversation as we walked along the main road,especially if any older trucks happened to be passing.

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