Sould We Now Ban .....

  4gig 22:35 10 Aug 2007

Now that we have blissfully got rid of smoking in public enclosed places, especially in restaurants, should we now turn our full attentions to banning some sinus blocking designer perfumes?

Sitting in a plush à la carte restaurant the other night, in which this type of menu is in many ways a lazy con trick, a woman strolls in and turns the air into a pungent cocktail à la carte odours.
It was nosed in the Lou Lou styled parfum which brought me back to my many years working in the trade.

Her lack of taste and sensitivity in designer parfum was all to evident to every clear smelling diner except to herself.Then again is could well have been a present from a male admirer.

I felt very lucky as she settled down at a far away table to some delicate rosé wine!

  Earthsea 23:42 10 Aug 2007

I'm sure she felt very lucky settling down far away from you too.

  PP321 23:48 10 Aug 2007

Indeed, what Earthsea said!

Good job restaurants dont ban sanctimonious self rightious people!.

  Totally-braindead 23:52 10 Aug 2007

You worked in the perfume trade now, for many years, how interesting, you have been a busy chap if you are the person I think you are who changed their name on this site.

  Stuartli 00:10 11 Aug 2007

If you can manage to spell perfume correctly once, why not on the subsequent occasions?

Same goes for the word "Should" in the thread title.

Such hypocritical pious pontification certainly gets up my nose...:-)

  Forum Editor 07:28 11 Aug 2007

Sitting in a plush à la carte restaurant the other night if you think that "....this type of menu is in many ways a lazy con trick"?

Commenting on other people's lack of taste and sensitivity is a risky business at the best of times - it exposes you to accusations of snobbery.

  €dstowe 07:44 11 Aug 2007

Be thankful it wasn't the Jade Goody perfume - which goes by the name of Shh! I know the manufacturers of this and they say there are two letters missing from the end in its name.

  tullie 11:47 11 Aug 2007

And even worse,Jane Goody herself!

  Cymro. 11:49 11 Aug 2007

Not your lucky day is it 4gig,
Some people on this forum never miss a chance to criticize and point out our mistakes to us. I think it makes their day for them.

  Pine Man 11:50 11 Aug 2007

I wouldn't worry 4gig thrives on contoversy!

  Pine Man 11:51 11 Aug 2007

contoversy - controversy

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