(Sorry, can't work out how to place a link just now - will work in it ...)

  HondaMan 19:37 04 May 2011

  HondaMan 19:39 04 May 2011

HE'S NOT THE ONLY ONE! Thius forum is much less user friendly in the new format. I'm thinking of going elsewhere - even if it means paying!

  rdave13 19:55 04 May 2011
  Graham. 20:18 04 May 2011
  Graham. 20:21 04 May 2011
  Al94 20:24 04 May 2011

It's easy but not as easy as it used to be which means the web designers have failed. Just remember to change the "link text" to something more appropriate.

  wee eddie 20:38 04 May 2011

I'm in agreement with Hondaman.

On a Forum such as this, which presents itself as a source of Information for those that are not necessarily familiar with Computers, it has suddenly become inestimably more complex.

The Link Icon, for example, is almost meaningless unless you are a Geek.

The technique to Close a Thread is inscrutable.

And as for the My Posts, the less said the better.

It still remains a great place for us Regulars to visit but I fear that there will be a paucity of Novices.

I think the problem lies with those that wrote the Software, by the very nature of their skills they are familiar with all the Internet conventions and have forgotten how little, many of our Visitors know.

  canarieslover 20:56 04 May 2011

wee eddie

I heartily agree with you.

  Kevscar1 07:36 05 May 2011

I am finding that I only visit once or twice a day rather than the 8 - 10 times I did before.

  Quickbeam 08:33 05 May 2011

I'm afraid that they do have a point PCA, what were simple things have taken a bit of sinking in, and are yet to be understood by some.

According to the instructions on first opening the world icon for posting a link, you should put the title in quotes after the web address http://www.wherethe hellever.com/"check this out man" But that doesn't work at all.

When you put the title in the highlighted link text space, if you don't put the restart cursor in the right place you end up with the link and the full written address in the middle of a sentence with double paragraph spaces that makes it all visually very untidy.

  Pine Man 08:37 05 May 2011

I have to agree. One step forward and two back;-)

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