Sony to axe thousands of jobs...

  dagnammit 12:56 09 Dec 2008
  dagnammit 12:57 09 Dec 2008

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  spuds 13:24 09 Dec 2008

Sixteen thousand people may seem to be a lot, but its only 5% of Sony's worldwide workforce. Many companies, large and small, have been under similar pressure to reduce their workforce, and have been doing so,since and before this latest 'financial crunch'.

Our local bus company have a big recruitment drive going on at this moment. Yet at the same time, they are closing 'unprofitable' routes, causing serious problems for quite number of public transport users.On some of these going to be discontinued routes, the council as spent literally thousand of pounds in public money, in improving the bus stop's and roadways. All this public money, now appears to be a wasted venture, based on a transport company's commercial decision.

On a personal note, I have just purchased a Sony Bravia television, with a 5 year warranty, so fingers crossed ;o)

  Geronimo. 13:55 09 Dec 2008

spuds that is a lot of people on any scale to be honest, now its seems every other day there is a company axing thousands of jobs & when you sit back away from all this its starting to apear what is going to be a hell of a black hole...

where i live there is NOTHING regards to jobs, unless ur a receptionist for a doctors with 16 hours per week or a agency worker but there not offering any jobs just to get people on there books, its a fight of the fittest here its becoming alsmot Anarchy here, never before have i seen so many contruction workers out of work, there is companies going bankrupt all the time now its haulage companies getting hit hard...

  interzone55 15:27 09 Dec 2008

If the whole of Sony is run in the manner of Sony UK then this doesn't surprise me in the least.

Sony is one of the worst run companies I've ever seen, and their customer service is atrocious.

We use to sell quite a bit of Sony kit, but their UK sales manager decided to drop us and go with a rival distributor. On the day our contract was cancelled we got our biggest ever Sony sale, around £85k at cost price. They refused to take the order, so we bought it via one of our European partners instead. Idiots.

Also their UK office is weird. They have cashless vending in their restaurant, so when I went there for a meeting I couldn't get anything, and the person I was meeting wouldn't buy me any lunch (I offered to give him the cash) so I had to drive to Basingstoke to get my dinner and then drive back to Sony for the rest of my meetings. I wasn't happy...

  Geronimo. 18:13 09 Dec 2008

alan14 thats VERY bizzare indeed eh...sounds like the might need a reality check...OR is it there way of saying we are moving forwards by having these weird & fancy gizmo's..?

  crosstrainer 15:28 10 Dec 2008

With alan14. Sony's service became intolerable, an we stopped selling their products years ago.

  Stuartli 15:46 10 Dec 2008

The actual figures are 6,000 to 8,000 of its global workforce - not just in the UK as some seem to believe and certainly not 16,000.

Wages comprise a large proportion of companies' outgoings, whether large or small busineses, and it's hardly surprising that their number of employees may unfortunately have to be reduced in a bid to remain viable.

  interzone55 16:55 10 Dec 2008

Which products did you deal with?

I dealt with their network security camera division - click here

but in a previous job I dealt with their consumer electronics division, which should have given me an indication of their idea of customer service. They refused to accept returns, instead we got a bulk discount on orders on the understanding that we handled the returns and repairs, the amount of their kit that got crushed is unbelievable, but it allowed Sony to claim that they had hardly any returns...

  spuds 18:27 10 Dec 2008

Funny that you should mention "certainly not 16,000", because in some of yesterdays and todays finance column newspapers seemed to mention that figure, which would also appear to be in agreement with the Bloomberg link above. In the UK it would appear that Pencoed plant in South Wales will be informed in January as to the situation there, but "nothing as been decided yet". The same "nothing decided yet" might apply to other UK outlets like Basingstoke and Weybridge.

Whatever the outcome, it is being made clear that by 2010, Sony will need to trim its workforce worldwide, and perhaps return to its original roots!.

  sunnystaines 20:19 10 Dec 2008

our sainsburys has a large hd bravia tv on display at customer services. the picure was dreadful worse than our sony box tv. they have a £200 discount i think they may be rejects.

used to be a good tv company.

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