Songbird - my new fav media player..

  AL47 02:59 15 Nov 2009

click here
^screen shot

heres a screenshot of my newly customized songbird media player i found a while ago. [from mozilla]

its cutomizable [tour dates, skins, layout], has a built in browser, lyrics, last fm linkage

i decided to pay it some attention due to not liking the WMP in windows 7! [colours not nice]

just posting this to allow others the opportunity to use it

  wolfie3000 04:12 15 Nov 2009

Iv tried it before and it is good,
But i prefer my media player to be as simple as possible so i use winamp.

Just load up a play list and let it do its stuff.
Use a simple skin too.

click here

But Songbird is a great media player and worth giving it a shot.

  AL47 10:55 15 Nov 2009

i use a black theme on firefox too, i alwys like a dark background with light text

i use,
lyric master, last fm, filter customize, [love the filters], griddy as well as skins

i like a complicated but easy to use media player, like firefox, [have about 30 addons for that]

  interzone55 14:10 15 Nov 2009

I tried Songbird, but it wasn't to my taste (each to theri own I say). I use Jet Audio, which plays pretty much any audio file you care to throw at it.

For video files I use Video Lan Client (VLC) which plays almost all movie files, is light weight and loads in nano seconds, as opposed to the 60 or seconds it takes the bloated WMP to start in Vista...

  peter99co 17:07 15 Nov 2009

I have had Media Monkey (free) on a laptop (xp) for a year now but will look at Songbird.

  AL47 17:10 15 Nov 2009

i reccomend at least trying it, but definitly skin it and use the popular addons

i use MPC as a video player, because theres noting NOTHING it doesnt play, from .asf to .flv to .m4v etc plus its video rendering is crisp and vibrant

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