Somewhere nice to lunch / Liverpool?

  Cara2 23:08 11 Mar 2010

Any suggestions please. Will be in the vicinity of Old Haymarket Street on Saturday.



  Clapton is God 15:13 14 Mar 2010

From the lack of response to this thread, can I assume that "somewhere nice to lunch" and "Liverpool" is a contradiction in terms?

Cara2 - presumably you went hungry yesterday?

  Bingalau 16:07 14 Mar 2010

Maybe we just don't want our nice places to eat being crowded out by visitors??? Anyway it's too late now, Saturday's been and gone, and I have only just seen this thread.

  Cara2 21:44 14 Mar 2010

Am laughing - no did not go hungry!

In the absence of a recommendation, we decided to try The Quarter, Falkner Street which we picked from Trip Advisor.

However, having walked the mile (and an appetite)we found it to be booked up. Silly me - thought as early it would be empty.

Back to Southport and a lovely meal at Volares instead.

  Quickbeam 08:09 15 Mar 2010

...and only two years ago it was the European Capital of Culture, have all the best eateries been nicked already...?

I've already run:)

  Bingalau 08:52 15 Mar 2010

Don't run toward Scotland 'cos Macscouse is awaiting you!

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