Sometimes i despair of the human race

  mrwoowoo 20:03 07 Jun 2008

How people can ignore someone lying paralyzed and dying in the road, after being run down, beggars belief.To actually wander over and take a photo whilst they lay there...words fail me.
Are we really becoming this apathetic/uncaring and selfish?
To an extent, you can see why some people fail to intervene when it's a large gang attacking someone.In these circumstances they fear for their own safety,but i can't find any excuse for this.
Yes i know it's the USA,but it does happen here.
Before we get the usual anti rag remarks,i know it's The Sun,but thats not the issue.
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  csqwared 20:16 07 Jun 2008

Saw that on the T.V. and was absolutely appalled. The excuses given for not assisting were along the lines of "I don't want to get involved". O.K. the neighbourhood isn't a very good one but I've always had the impression that americans, more than most, were quite religous in their outlook to life. Not displayed here I'm afraid.

  mrwoowoo 20:23 07 Jun 2008

"I don't want to get involved"
As i said.I can understand in some senarios but not this one.
Not much to get involved with in my opinion.
Stay with him,talk to him,keep him awake and comfortable until help arrives.Then give a statement.
Not much hassle all things considered.
Hopefully the number plates are on cctv and are registered and not false.(fingers crossed)

  Earthsea 20:32 07 Jun 2008

Does it happen in this country? Every accident I've witnessed has always had people on the scene and helping very quickly, including myself on a couple of occasions. Maybe things are different here in the West Country.

  rdave13 20:59 07 Jun 2008

A sad state of affairs I think. If the neighbourhood is bad and ruled by a mob then decent people will be wary if not scared to intervene.
Think that it is a bit different here as people will always rally round in such circumstances.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:42 07 Jun 2008

if more than a few were scared to get involved/do anything for fear of being sued for doing the wrong thing.


  rdave13 21:45 07 Jun 2008

Agreed.That's another reason for not getting involved.

  Jim Thing 22:03 07 Jun 2008

That's said to be a powerful reason in the US, where one used to hear reports of doctors declining to stop at the scene of an accident for fear of ending up with a malpractice suit. We Brits used to pour scorn on this, but we seem to be heading that way ourselves.

  Kemistri 22:03 07 Jun 2008

"Does it happen in this country?"

Sadly, it does. I happened to see an item on the BBC's One Show about a man in his seventies who was mugged in daylight in a seaside town and, despite being bloody and in obvious distress, was ignored by others who walked past him.

  mrwoowoo 22:05 07 Jun 2008

You can't get sued for Staying with him,talking to him, and keeping him awake and comfortable until help arrives.
But...I can see the point you are making though.
A friend of mine was in the police force and told me of his collegue that was taken to court to be sued.The reason?
He attended a crash scene where one of the victims was rapidly losing blood from an cut artery in her groin.The pc took his sock off and placed his big toe into the wound to suppress the bleading.The woman later took the pc to court for sexual assault.
Common sense prevailed however.The judge asked her solicitor or lawer,"would she have died if the pc hadn't taken the action he did?" "yes" replied her solicitor.The judge replied "case dismissed."

  rdave13 22:23 07 Jun 2008

Now that beggar's belief! Makes you wonder who put the lady up to try and sue the policeman; doesn't it?

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