Something you dont see a lot of in sports nowadays

  Si_L 01:29 19 Sep 2007


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In the midst of all the political havoc in sport recently (my mind wanders back to Carlos Tevez, the McLaren spying, Italian match fixing in particular), it is good to see this kind of honesty and integrity in a game where so much pressure is put on results.

  g0slp 06:44 19 Sep 2007

Much kudos to Leicester City.

Well done, gentlemen.

I'm disappointed (but not suprised) that it's not a prominent lead story on the BBC site though.

  newman35 08:09 19 Sep 2007

Well done Leicester - give them a bye to the final, I say!

  natdoor 08:51 19 Sep 2007

A similar example of fair play occurred in a recent Conference (Blue Square) match at Woking. Woking had gained possession in circumstances when one normally surrenders it to the opposition and one of their players directed the ball to the opponents' goalkeeper from the halfway line. The goalie was not paying attention and the ball entered the net and a goal was awarded.

From the resulting kick-off, Woking allowed their opponents to score an unchallenged goal. The match ended in a 1-1 draw.

Sadly there are few examples of such sporting behaviour compared with those of cheating. If drastic action were taken against cheats, then we might see an improvemnt in behaviour. I am thinking of an example in which a player scored from a crossed ball but video evidence clearly showed that he had deliberately used his hand rather than his head. Players can be banned for foul play on video evidence and, if say a lengthy ban and/or fine could be imposed in cases of proven blatant cheating, we might have a healthier attitude. Either players would not act in this way or, if such a thing ocurred in the heat of the moment, the player might come clean to the referee.

I shudder to think how professional footballers conduct themselves relative to the rules when playing golf, a game in which serious participants almost universally place integrity before all else.

  Si_L 09:24 19 Sep 2007

I've seen matches abandoned with one team ahead, even by a couple of goals, and on the replay, it doesn't even cross anyone's mind to set the score how it was. Thats what makes the Foxes act so honest.

  Stuartli 09:45 19 Sep 2007

>>it doesn't even cross anyone's mind to set the score how it was>>

For the simple reason that such circumstances are covered by the rules - in the case of a football match the score would only stand in an abandoned match, IIRC, at least 60 minutes' play took place.

If an abandoned match has to be replayed for whatever reason (bad weather etc), then the two teams start again from scratch.

  Stuartli 09:47 19 Sep 2007

I remember Arsenal allowing an opposing team to score an unchallenged goal after the Gunners took the lead in similar circumstances to natdoor's posting.

Arsene Wenger received much praise afterwards for his instructions to his team to allow the opposition to score.

  Dizzy Bob 10:43 19 Sep 2007

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video (poor quality) of the goal.


  wee eddie 13:19 19 Sep 2007

I grew up between Ipswich and Norwich, I would expect these teams to be drawn from the inhabitants of the surrounding area, very much in the same way as the English, Scottish and Irish Teams are. I cannot understand how a Team can be described as, for example, Manchester United. They should be describes as the Bulls or the Pansies or whatever.

All intensional fouls should be "Booed" and the perpetrator treated with ignominy.

  interzone55 13:36 19 Sep 2007

If you think football is bad, take a look at what's going to happen to "Super league" rugby in a couple of seasons, they're going to stop promotion & relegation and move to a franchise system like American "Football".

  g0slp 15:07 19 Sep 2007

I don't think I was being unfair. To put it as a prominent story on the BBC site would mean it being visible to a much wider world audience, but for some reason showing the UK in a good light doesn't appeal to Auntie.

UK news is different; if they didn't show it then questions would be asked, as Sky & ITV (plus presumably C4 & 5 did too).

Anyway, again, well done Leicester.

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