Something for the weekend (New free game)

  wolfie3000 10:36 28 Sep 2007

A Wolfenstien ET conversion,

Dont let that put you off as its made the game 100% better,

Truecombat elite,

click here

New weapons, new maps and for the first time CTF!!! YAYYY!!!! :D

  wolfie3000 10:44 28 Sep 2007

In game footage,

click here

  robbiepaul79 15:47 28 Sep 2007

Cool ill check it out when i get home from work

  spuds 17:19 28 Sep 2007

Any direct info on how to download. Doesn't seem to want to open!!.

  wolfie3000 17:27 28 Sep 2007

Download the first file here.

click here

Second download here,

click here

DOwnload patch here,

click here

Happy Fragging :)

  wolfie3000 17:29 28 Sep 2007

On the second download read the text at the bottom and click the Click here part.

  Totally-braindead 19:32 28 Sep 2007

Is it online only?

  wolfie3000 08:56 29 Sep 2007

Yes afraid so.

  User-1159794 11:53 29 Sep 2007

Cheers.but will stick to Enemy territory.Quake Wars,(DEMO).
As I typed the full game has just dropped through the door.
Oh joy.

  wolfie3000 20:14 30 Sep 2007


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