Someone used my address to get 2 mobile phones !

  mymate 18:13 07 Aug 2007

I had 2 letters today from a mobile company addressed to 2 different guys who had obviously got 2 new mobiles using my address. The mobiles were not sent to this address,but the bill has come here.
I called the mobile company and they have put a block on the mobiles,and sent a report to their fraud office ,they wont tell me if a Direct debit has been set up or what bank account has been used .
Called my bank and said should i have new credit cards because of this ,he said "Not to bother as all they need is my account number and sort code to get a mobile phone"

Been to police st but as there has been no cash out of the bank taken they said its not fraud .

I just feel like i am wide open to anything else they want to order now.

Anyone know what else i should do now ?

  €dstowe 18:28 07 Aug 2007

It appears you've done all you're supposed to do in this so you should not be held responsible for any incurred debts or claims on your account(s).

  mymate 19:07 07 Aug 2007

Thanks €dstowe.Put my mind at rest a little bit.I am just going to check my bank account every day.

If i hadnt opened the letters i got today i would be none the wiser.The envelopes had no sign on them that they were mobile phone bills ,just a plain white envelope .

  Probabilitydrive 19:22 07 Aug 2007

One month my bank statements didn't arrive. Next thing I received a letter from my bank stating that accounts in various parts of the UK were opened under my name.

Tremendous shock. Identity theft is a nasty thing indeed.
1 my bank informed me and I signed a document stating that this is my signature/address/name...personal details
2 They will monitor your details for a year
3 Te police will not act until a fraud has been reported (ID theft doe not qualify for that)
4 I monitored my credit rating (at 3 different credit reference agencies)for a year
5 I I check very carefully every bank/credit card statements
6 I shred every piece of document with personal detail on it before disposing off (just to be on the safe side I use it for my compost heap...paranoid I hear you ask??)

This is when the horse has bolted. Shouldn't have got into this situation in the first place. Some more info click here
click here=
click here

  mymate 19:55 07 Aug 2007

Probabilitydrive Thanks for that.
The bank did tell me to pay £12 a year to Cifax and anyone doing a credit search on my house will have to call me up before its done.
I have just joined for 1 month free and the only search that has been done was when i bought a mobile phone of Littlewoods catalogue 2 months ago,so what ever company sold these 2 guys these mobiles didnt do a search to see if they lived at my address !
They were on some monthly plan where they got £180 of calls,Flexi 35+wen\n\walk.
Oh i have tried calling the mobile numbers but the phones switched off,i would have thought the mobile company would have just cut them off and blocked the mobiles by now .

  WhiteTruckMan 20:01 07 Aug 2007

Dont call the numbers again. Unless you do it from a callbox or you can block your caller ID. All you are doing is giving these thieving scum your phone number, and what would you do or say if they answered?

If theres someting you want to do then try one of those sites that can track a mobile phone. But you will have to pay for it yourself. And if the phone companies and the police arent interested (typical!) then theres not a lot you can do with the info without landing yourself in a world of bother!


  mymate 20:22 07 Aug 2007

WhiteTruckMan i done 1471 when i called.

You wouldnt believe the names they have used to get these mobiles ,you think that alone would have made alarm bells ring somewhere !

  WhiteTruckMan 21:56 07 Aug 2007

1471 actually blocks your ID. But I'm not totally sure on that.


  spuds 22:54 07 Aug 2007

1471 is call return (to find who phoned you)
141 withhold ( withhold your number)

mobiles phones are different.

  lisa02 11:08 08 Aug 2007

141 in front of number dialled withholds your number.

If your number is automatically withheld, can be set up through BT, dialling 1470 infront of dialled number releases your number.

  lisa02 11:10 08 Aug 2007

spuds our mobiles work the same way on o2 network.

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