someone tell me what big brother hijack is??

  GEEKSTA 17:21 04 Jan 2008

Ive seen the adverts on tv and heard about but what is 'big brother hijack' exactly?

I know that the real celebrity big bro is not going to be on in the future becasue of jade goody, so....


  wallbash 17:25 04 Jan 2008

A wonderful opportunity to turn off and do something better.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:28 04 Jan 2008
  Quickbeam 17:30 04 Jan 2008


9 weeks in solitary for me,my other half and daughter will no doubt be glued to every minute.

From what i can gather a celebrity takes control of one of the housemates and makes him/her do and say silly things via a ear piece good is that :-)

  Kemistri 18:10 04 Jan 2008

"....a celebrity takes control of one of the housemates and makes him/her do and say silly things via a ear piece"

So, apart from the de rigeur celebrity angle, no change in the end result then.

I think wallbash got it spot on.

  Totally-braindead 19:49 04 Jan 2008

Better to paint something and watch it dry I think.

  Al94 19:54 04 Jan 2008

Please - noooooooooooo!

Tb funny you say that,paint and bush ready to hand,its got alot more entertainment value im particularly looking forward to the drying part :-)

  Forum Editor 20:05 04 Jan 2008

have plumbed the depths of mindless nothingness they surprise me by coming up with new depths to plumb.

Perhaps I'm missing some vital compnent in the brain department, but I fail to see how anyone with more than half a dozen neurones could possibly find anything entertaining in watching such stuff. I imagine the programme makers can't believe their luck at finding an audience with such a low taste threshold.

ooh FE,youve just confirmed my other half has dropped below the half a dozen neurones,best just carry on with the painting :-)

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