Someone Is Taking The P

  mothercat 20:53 11 Mar 2007

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My computer has been running a bit slow recently and the ‘Virtual Memory Is Low’ warning has cropped up now and then.
I run ESET, NOD 32 as my anti-virus programme and also run daily checks with for spyware using Adware and Spybot so I'm fairly sure I’m not carrying viruses.
In addition to this I have and use an up-to-date registry repair @ optimization programme called ‘Registry Mechanic’
As I was not sure what the ‘Low On Virtual Memory’ really meant I checked it out on Google and the first item I saw was an advertisement from Faster-Pc-Net for their Download and free test of their RegCure programme. So I did just that and when I ran it the following is the report, which it produced:
RegCure Scan, Repair @ optimize your PC.
Free Test Scan;
Total Number Of Problems Found: 1446
Comprising: 150 COM/ActiveXEntries
25 Shared DLLs
97 Windows Start-up Items
549 File/Path References
11`0 Programme Shortcuts
515 Empty Registry Keys.
As was to be expected one could not activate a repair of the above until one bought the programme! So I ran Registry Mechanic, which I have bought! After a ‘Full Scan’ it come up with 2 problems at Location HKEY_Classes_Root and 32 Problems in Temp Files/Shortcuts. Somewhat short of the 1446 problems found by RegScan??
So someone is having a laugh?? (And I have a pretty good idea just who is doing that?) They are both selling problem solving programmes to the general public and with discrepancies like those above they cannot both be right? It’s a bit like buying a tester to check you’re car battery and one of them tells you you’re back tyre is flat! You can bet the motor trade would not put up with rubbish like that?

(another disillusioned computer user)

  octal 21:02 11 Mar 2007

Please don't take this the wrong way, but what is the point of your post when all you needed to do is to ask the nice people here click here and I'm sure they would be willing to help you. One other thing, why buy those programs when it can be done for free?

I hope you get your problem sorted out.

  mothercat 07:34 12 Mar 2007

My first visit and post to pcadvisor! Yes now that I have seen the 'Help' section I see what you mean.
Many thanks,

  Belatucadrus 10:57 12 Mar 2007

Taking the P wouldn't be too bad, it's the taking of the £ $ and € that gets me.

  Input Overload 11:24 12 Mar 2007


  wee eddie 11:29 12 Mar 2007

There many Companies/Individuals out there selling useless/near-useless Software.

The technique is this:

You download a Test Program which identifies any number of "Threats" (usually numbered in the 1000's) and then tells you that you have to download the software for a mere 39$ to sort them.

Most of these, so called Threats, are harmless Cookies or working parts of Windows. It has been suggested, by some folk, that certain sellers actually include "Malware" in your initial Download.

Much of this software is better done by software freely available.

Look for advice here. The only problem that I have is that almost everyone has their own particular favourites and will sing it's praise to the detriment of an equally capable piece of "Freeware".

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