Someone spliffed - err split on them!

  TopCat® 19:09 07 Aug 2008

Huge cannabis haul discovered in disused Nottingham chicken factory. TC. click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:12 07 Aug 2008

Bags being there when they burn it ;-))


  User2008 19:15 07 Aug 2008

LOL. As fond of the weed as your namesake, eh Gandalf?

  TopCat® 19:18 07 Aug 2008

I reckon they must have tapped into the power cables to keep all those plants thriving. Nothing chicken about the seven people caught, was there? TC.

  mrwoowoo 19:20 07 Aug 2008

"Bags being there when they burn it"
Bags not being there when they burn it.
I don't know of any smell worse than cannabis, and that includes pig swill,manure,you name it.Utterly nauseating)O:!

  Chegs ®™ 00:55 08 Aug 2008

I quite like the sweet smell of cannabis,but havent smoked any since I was a teenager.There is a fair chunk of arguing goes on as to whether cannabis users should be prosecuted,my own view being I preferred transporting stoned teenagers around in my taxi to the beligerent drunks.

  wolfie3000 09:04 08 Aug 2008

Chegs if you like the smell of burning cannabis without the high then you can get cannabis scented joss sticks.

Thats alot of weed in that video, must have cost a fortune to set up that operation to grow it all.

I must admit i do enjoy the sweet aroma of burning weed, i too smoked cannabis as a teen but not now.

I hated whiting out all the time. :s

  mrwoowoo 18:09 08 Aug 2008

Apparently the stink that used to waft through from next door was skunk.
I assume that smells worse than normal strength cannabis since it's a lot stronger.

  josie mayhem 20:14 09 Aug 2008

I also think it's one of the worst smells going, one wif and I want to vomit....

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