Some Sick People Out There

  Mark5001 21:25 17 Nov 2007

This is disgusting. To think that this young girl has to suffer threats to her life when she has cancer. Makes me want to find these people and deal with them in my own way.

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  Stuartli 21:41 17 Nov 2007

>>Makes me want to find these people and deal with them in my own way.>>

I agree that it's quite impossible to believe that people could descend to such depths but your own thoughts, if literally carried through, would bring you down to their level.

  rdave13 21:56 17 Nov 2007

Undoubtedly you would go 'down to their level' but you need to fight fire with fire maybe?
Time to meet thuggery with thuggery? Justice even?
Who knows.

  lisa02 22:33 17 Nov 2007

An eye for an eye?

Makes the world go blind.

I feel for the girl, I really do, but she (her parents?) opened herself up to such stupid antics by creating a blog.

If I or my girls where ill the last thing I'd want to do is create a public blog.

  rdave13 22:52 17 Nov 2007

Why in heavens sake shouldn't she? In a law abiding society why do you think that a sick child shouldn't create a blog? What is wrong with people today that they think it's a crime for an innocent to start a blog. Have we come to the stage that it's thought wrong that innocent people can't use the internet for fear of those mentaly disturbed or just malicious? Good for them I say and hopefuly the authorities will be able to trace the insane.

  bluto1 22:59 17 Nov 2007

Every last one of us is filled with repugnance at the behaviour of people who would find entertainment in such doings. I agree in turn with Stuartli that it's not right to descend to the same moronic levels as such people.
Lisa02's 'eye for an eye' reply to rdave13 is also correct, but I disagree a little bit with her take on posting a blog. A child does not,and should not, expect such attacks.
Having said that, I read the papers, and see daily what young yobs are doing to old folk.
I'd love to find the definitive answer, and maybe bringing back corporal or other punishment could help.

  rdave13 23:46 17 Nov 2007

I'll ask you the same question, why should the girl not be alowed to post a blogg? Her parents know the pitfalls same as anyone else. There's a 'much to do ' nonsense about the publicity as everyone knows. Don't blame the blogger when you have idiots threatening violence.
An eye for an eye makes the world go blind...give me a break..please.

  bluto1 00:07 18 Nov 2007

Your reaction to the original post was exactly how I felt. I will always disagree with the "eye for an eye " approach because even our local pubs will have fights every night. Ours around here do not. Because the normal guy out for a pint will not be so aggressive. I'm not saying you are aggressive, but your feelings are.
Read my last post , mor particulary the end.

  rdave13 00:13 18 Nov 2007

Have read and noted it. I'll ask again, why should the child not post a blogg?

  Forum Editor 00:56 18 Nov 2007

to learn that Sophie has received death threats via her blog, but you shouldn't be surprised - I'm certainly not.

Blogging technology has enabled anyone with access to an online computer to share his/her innermost thoughts with the world at large, and the world at large can respond. The fact is, there are all kinds of people out there. Lots of them are suffering from a mental illness of one kind or another, lots more are socially disfunctional, and lots more are simply mindless idiots, intent on causing trouble just for the fun of it. We get representatives of all three groups here, in the forum from time to time.

Blogs and online forums offer these people anonymity, and that enables them to say what they like with impunity - they don't have to face the people they're offending, and they don't have to worry about any consequences.

I feel desperately sorry for Sophie's parents, because they now have the added burden of trying to hide the world's appalling cruelty from her.

  rdave13 01:11 18 Nov 2007

I agree. It's a sad world but I'm sure her parents will cope adequately.

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