This is some really stunning action

  ams4127 20:29 05 Jun 2012
  ams4127 20:30 05 Jun 2012

Sorry, forgot to say that I got the link from another forum and thought I would pass it on.

  Forum Editor 23:20 05 Jun 2012

Stunning as the action is, the precision eyesight deserves a mention. Being able to fly over rippling water at a considerable height, and spot a camouflaged fish some way beneath the surface is quite something.

  Chegs ®™ 02:34 06 Jun 2012

That last fish made me chuckle as at one point it looks like the bird is surfing on a "skyboard" :)

  zzzz999 06:28 06 Jun 2012

That is amazing, I didn't appreciate how deep the osprey was prepared to dive

  Quickbeam 08:32 06 Jun 2012

Did anyone else notice that after the second dive, how it was shaking itself free of water whist in flight with prey like a shaggy dog that's just come out of the water with a stick?

And after the third dive, when it eventually got hold of the trout with two talons, it looked like Bart Simpson skateboarding through the air with a wry smile to camera as it showed off...

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:56 06 Jun 2012

"That last fish made me chuckle as at one point it looks like the bird is surfing on a "skyboard" :)"

They will always carefully hold the fish like that to minimise drag whilst flying.

  cycoze 12:45 06 Jun 2012

Fantastic footage, thanks for sharing it.

  amonra 13:07 06 Jun 2012

Excellent, thanks for sharing.

  Aitchbee 13:53 06 Jun 2012

I can't watch the footage, at the moment (on dial-up)...but the evocative descriptions given are a great trailer.

  ams4127 19:40 06 Jun 2012


You'll enjoy it when you can finally see it!

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