Some people should avoid DIY!

  Al94 17:45 15 Feb 2011

click here - I've done many a job but never knelt in the cement!

  peter99co 18:02 15 Feb 2011

I did what it said on the bag.

'Risk of serious damage to eyes. Irritating to respiratory system and skin.

Some people will sue even though it was their own negligence that brought about the accident.

She still expects to sue even though it was thrown out by the court. (maybe B&Q have impoved the warning but it still comes down to the user reading it)

Pity she did it because it must have stung a bit and has spoilt her looks.

  uk-wizard 18:15 15 Feb 2011

Well I never did. I learnt years ago that any cement does the skin no good and that lime morter is worse. I seem to remember that someone who tried to make a plaster mould from their hand suffered severe burns.
Typical MSDS for cement products click here It does not say to kneel in the product!

  BRYNIT 18:19 15 Feb 2011

Why anyone would want to kneel in cement is beyond me.

From the link it said she was an engineering NVQ assessor. I could be wrong but wouldn't this also include H&S training.

  ronalddonald 18:20 15 Feb 2011

These burns are horrendous and as such the print should of read serious damage to skin not irritant

  spuds 18:20 15 Feb 2011

"never knelt in cement"

I know a builder who many years ago decided to lay a concrete floor area in a doorway at a new Chinese restaurant. This was laid at 12.30am in the morning, so it wouldn't be disturbed over night.They left the site at 1am. and on arrival at 7.30am the next day, it was obvious that some male/female activity had gone on, before the concrete had 'gone off'.

Nobody ever returned to complain about lime burns. But that was before the compensation culture, and more like the "you stupid.." culture.

  peter99co 18:30 15 Feb 2011

click here

• Upon mixing, taking into account its raised pH, natural hydraulic lime can irritate and dry out skin.
• Prolonged contact with the skin can cause sensitivity

But still only said to irritate. She must have spent some time in the cement.

  canarieslover 18:42 15 Feb 2011

There was no warning on the nails that I should keep my thumb off the top when hitting with the hammer. Do forum members reckon I have a good case to sue B & Q, or should I get my brain examined?

  Al94 18:44 15 Feb 2011

"it was obvious that some male/female activity had gone on, before the concrete had 'gone off"

Never occurred to me that passion may have been a factor!

  spuds 18:50 15 Feb 2011

I think it was more to do with the dark set-back entrance, more than anything.

  ams4127 19:22 15 Feb 2011

No matter how many rules and regulations are put in force, you just can't legislate against stupidity.

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