Some one is attacking Martin Lewis web site

  mymate 19:19 27 Oct 2007

click here

This started last night and still his page is not working !

  WhiteTruckMan 19:26 27 Oct 2007

and its ok for me.


  spuds 19:35 27 Oct 2007

Just tried the website via the link, and it gives the following message:

Apologies- Temporary suspension due to DDOS technical problems- All functions have been taken off line temporarily to keep it working

It then goes into the reasons why and DDOS, including a malicious attack to the website.

  mymate 19:39 27 Oct 2007

In practical terms it means, they've simulated as if billions of people are trying to use the site at any moment, so of course the servers can't cope. Sadly it'wels much easier to destroy something than it is to create it.

And finally a word to those who are attacking the site. Millions use this site, many rely on it for crucial info to make their lives better; some are desperate for help with their debts, and others want support through a myriad of issues. What you're doing is hurting many people, please stop.

WhiteTruckMan You must have just got on the page with that statement on it .

  WhiteTruckMan 20:01 27 Oct 2007
  Spark6 20:11 27 Oct 2007

2 different addresses, WTM's OK here!

  fontenay 20:12 27 Oct 2007


If you go to the Forums link from that page you will see the message about the DDOS attack

  WhiteTruckMan 20:17 27 Oct 2007

my point was that I tried the site itself-not the forum-and it appeared to be up ok. I havent tried any of the links within the site, just the front page.


  fontenay 20:19 27 Oct 2007

The front page has been put up and the major links but they are not updated. The site is not functioning correctly.

  mymate 20:21 27 Oct 2007

Its the Forum thats not working,which is really the main web page. Shame cause i regularly go on to his web site.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:36 27 Oct 2007

the DOS attack was launched against the forum, and not the main website?


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