Some interesting statistics just released

  Forum Editor 11:59 04 Nov 2005

show UK browser preferences as follows:

1) Microsoft Internet Explorer - 93.37%

2) Mozilla Firefox - 4.94 %

3) Apple Safari - 0.99 %

4) Opera - 0.39 %

5) Netscape - 0.23 %

Firefox is more popular in America, with around 14% of the browser market.

It looks as if - at least for now - IE is still the most popular browser by a big margin.

  Chegs ® 12:36 04 Nov 2005

That just might be due to its inclusion in the most popular OS by a big margin.

  jack 13:50 04 Nov 2005

This is of course another statistic -from guess who? or on behalf of...

But I dont dispute the figures
I guess that not withstanding what members of this forum may be up too the vast majority of PC users
use them just as the came out of the box.
We Firefox/Opera et al users are in a minority and I guess always will be.

  sattman 14:16 04 Nov 2005

As it comes installed on every new computer It does not in the least suprise me to see a figure of 93% uk users use Microsoft Internet explorer.
I will never go back to M.I explorer whilst I have an alternative.

  Dan the Doctus 14:29 04 Nov 2005

Dan the Doctus <--- Likes IE

  watchful 14:31 04 Nov 2005

amongst the 93.37%
and I've never had a problem with it.

  ajm 15:09 04 Nov 2005

Using Apple Mac OS X Safari Browser.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:16 04 Nov 2005

Opera Software ASA need to do mare to promote the Opera browser as it's market share falls woefully short of what it deserves.

  Forum Editor 15:23 04 Nov 2005

From the world's biggest provider of internet useage statistical software.

On behalf of? Themselves; their figures come from the site stats produced by thousands of web servers. They monitor the page impressions served from tens of thousands of sites, and produce accurate and impartial statistics. They have no commercial interest in whether one browser is used more than another.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:43 04 Nov 2005

Use IE, see no reason to change, always worked superb on 6 machines for me.


  MESH Support 16:32 04 Nov 2005

Would the statistics be affected by non-IE browsers set to emulate IE to the servers providing the pages I wonder.

As has been said the fact that IE comes pre-installed helps boost it's figures somewhat.

I don't care which I use as long as it meets my needs, which right now is Firefox.

I am surprised no-one has posted that oft quoted fact regarding 60% of the statistics 90% of the time. ;)


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