Some Good News for a Change

  morddwyd 07:38 09 Mar 2012

Only for me I'm afraid, but I'd still like to share it.

We've just been told that extra funding has been made available to make our shower easier to get in and out of, so I will no longer have to lift my wife over the nine inch threshold.

Thank you taxpayers, it may not sound like much but it has given us a real lift on a bad day.

  badgery 08:55 09 Mar 2012

As a hard-pressed taxpayer, struggling to fiddle my accounts, I must object to such profligate use of my (well, yours, really) money.

It's cases like this that give scrounging a bad name - why has the Daily Mail not been round to investigate?

"..has given us a real lift on a bad day"

Is that literal, and if so how many floors does it serve? (;-)

  Brumas 09:17 09 Mar 2012

morddwyd, I'm so glad to hear it as it will give your wife back a little dignity and make life a lot easier for you both. When we moved in here, eleven years ago, we had the same problem but fortunately we managed to obtain a grant from, what was then Berwick upon Tweed Borough Council, and the walk in shower is something we couldn't now be without.

  Aitchbee 09:29 09 Mar 2012

This week, I recieved (and have paid) a bill for a major drain repair. The original estimate was £360...the actual bill was £180. I still can't believe it!

(ps. Just got my yearly BBC TV licence reminder in, to bring me back down to earth) ;o[

  john bunyan 10:56 09 Mar 2012

"Just got my yearly BBC TV licence reminder in"

I have just got my first free TV licence. Together with the Winter Fuel Allowance it is the only taxpayers / licence fee payers money I have had in my life. I shall actually donate the fee to a charity as long as I can afford to do so.

**morddydd Very pleased to haer that you and your wife will find things a bit easier. You deserve all the help that can be given as it must be so wearing to deal with the situation on a day by day basis.

  Kevscar1 13:32 09 Mar 2012

Well done. Because I am on contribution based ESA I can't get a grant so it,s a strip down wash at the sink and when I need to wash my hair it's done at the kitchen sink.

  johndrew 16:02 09 Mar 2012

Dignity is pretty well priceless and a little help of this type will probably save greater sums in the long term.

All we need now is for others who need a little to help a lot to get what they need and for the true parasites who don't need the money but simply steal it by deceit to put in effort to generate a bit more.

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