Some French cars are “a pile of rubbish.”

  oresome 16:42 23 Sep 2009

Not my opinion.......I own one. Rather the opinion of some Which subscribers who contributed to a recent survey.

The ten most liked and least liked cars here

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  oresome 16:46 23 Sep 2009

Wrong forum. No doubt the eagle eyed FE will spot the transgression.

  Cymro. 17:29 23 Sep 2009

Perhaps so, but still not as bad as Italian cars.
If you want build quality go for Japanese, German or Swedish in that order.

  John B 19:25 23 Sep 2009

The most popular car is the least reliable new car!

  John B 19:26 23 Sep 2009

and it's German.

  morddwyd 20:04 23 Sep 2009

Comparing a new design with a car that ceased production in 2003 is hardly an objective study.

  Forum Editor 00:00 24 Sep 2009

from Digital World.

  Chegs ®™ 07:33 24 Sep 2009

You should've titled this thread "Some surveys are rubbish" as they say its the biggest ever survey,what about the JD Power survey? They say the best new car is the most unreliable,french cars are rubbish yet a citroen is in the top ten most reliable.These figures mean naff all to most people,they buy what they can afford foremost & then (if they can be bothered) look up safety kit,then equipment levels.

  jack 09:05 24 Sep 2009

Most people buy on looks [or colour if a lady purchaser] and perceived reputation.
One comment was a 'top' car was Swedish
Yet the cars that bear a Swedish brand were seldom -Swedish.
The SAAB that I ran from 1973-1986 - was largely BL/Triumph and GM running gear assembled in Finland and a good reliable it was too.- today a SAAB is a Vectra in a different overcoat.
Volvo even as far back as the 1950's were Ford mechanically and in the '70/80's Renault engined
Then back to Ford as currently.
Most makers mix and match components and even models between each other and special models-convertibles, people carriers and medium vans and the like are the province in specialist contractors -The luton Van plant is a case in point - assembling a van for Renault/Vauhall/Nissan- same van with detail changes.

  jack 09:11 24 Sep 2009

My current car an ex manufacturers fleet car 2001 vintage ,purchased in 2002 with 5000 miles for half list price-now 6 years on - 31000 miles- no let downs at all- in the time- is one of those 'Rubbish' cars at the bottom of the list - A Rover 25.

  Input Overload 09:24 24 Sep 2009

Cymro I have run Fiats for about 10 years now & have covered about 250,000 + miles in them. I have yet to have to top a Fiat up with oil & have had one breakdown issue which one a simple crankshaft position sensor repaired under warranty.

I bought a new Fiat Grande GP back in March & are delighted with it, not only is it the safest small car on the road 5 Stars & but all but the roof is galvanized. Fiats have come a long, long way in the last 10 years. It is also the most enjoyable & fun car I have yet driven Beemers & Audi's included. It also comes with a 5 year parts & labour warranty.

Last years Which put the Renault Mégane as the most unreliable car on the road, & German cars were starting to become unreliable in a Which issue a few months ago. VW a year or so ago considered moving the entire production from Wolfsburg Germany to Poland because of rising costs.

It also has to be taken into consideration that expensive cars are usually serviced regularly by the best mechanics available, using the best gear & parts there are. Whereas cheaper cars are often run on a shoestring & serviced at Bloggs garage every two years or so.

Quite a few people I know don't even bother with regular servicing but go on a 'when it breaks I'll have it fixed attitude'. I do try to point out that servicing is a good thing but it often falls on deaf ears.

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