Some banks don't care about possible fraud

  Clapton is God 15:51 28 Sep 2009

Mrs Clapton is God and me are going to spend a few days in Prague next week.

So, like a good lad and with fraud prevention in mind, I thought I’d phone my banks to tell them that we’ll be abroad and might use our credit card and debit card whilst there. So, please don’t block our transactions …

Lloyds Bank and Coventry Building Society both thanked me for letting them know and said that they’d mark our card accounts for possible use abroad next week.

NatWest, however, said “No, we’re not interested”.

“But, I’m trying to let you know so that you don’t block my card if I use it next week and you think it’s outside my normal usage pattern”, said I.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Just use it anyway”, NatWest replied.

Idiots! Needless to say, I’ll use my Lloyds or Coventry cards if I need to.

  peter99co 16:39 28 Sep 2009

And cancel the Nat West?

  interzone55 17:26 28 Sep 2009

"And cancel the Nat West?"

No, I'd cancel the Lloyds & Coventry accounts, because quite clearly they don't have the systems in place to enable them to work out that a card being used abroad & not in the UK is probably OK...

  Forum Editor 18:05 28 Sep 2009

is probably OK..."

What gives you that idea? You're wrong, anyway. Lots of people use their credit debit cards infrequently when at home, but more extensively when abroad. I know quite a few people who do just that, and some of them have had their cards declined abroad.

Why on earth a card issuer should tell a customer that "we're not interested" in being informed of foreign travel is beyond me. I travel quite a bit, and I always notify my card issuer when and where I'm going. On one fairly recent occasion my card was declined here, in the UK because VISA had stopped it just an hour before. Their system had been asked to authorise a purchase from a clothing store in Mumbai, and because I hadn't notified of foreign travel it blocked the transaction and stopped the card.

NatWest needs to wake up where this is concerned.

  octal 18:09 28 Sep 2009

That's interesting, I'm off to the states on Wednesday and I called Alliance & Leicester CC they took the details on the dates of travel also they said they still monitor the card in case there any spends on the card that are unusual that don't look like holiday spends then they will still block the card, they also made sure they had my mobile number in case they needed to call me, additionally they made sure I understood that I can call them reverse charge if the card did get blocked and I had to call them. It did happen to me a couple of years ago, I just called them reverse charge and explained and they released the block on the card, pretty good service.

The same for Amex, they took details and said call them if there are any problems.

  PalaeoBill 21:01 28 Sep 2009

I cut up the Barclaycard Visa that I've had my whole adult life because I have never been able to get it to work in the USA. On the plus side their anti fraud worked, no one was ever going to get away with using it. On the negative, it didn't matter how many times I raised the problem with them or the fact that I informed of places and dates I would be in the USA on each occasion, my card was declined every time I tried to use it. It worked fine in the UK. I replaced it with a Visa card from my bank and that works just fine.

  wiz-king 21:48 28 Sep 2009

I had my card blocked by Alliance & Leicester when I used if for making a lot of purchases from bookshops in the USA, I usualy put these purchases on my company card but it was a trife out of cash from buying 12 PCs and 2 servers from Dell. A quick phone call from the A&L and it was cleared within minutes.

  Stuartli 00:19 29 Sep 2009

>>No, I'd cancel the Lloyds & Coventry accounts, because quite clearly they don't have the systems in place to enable them to work out that a card being used abroad & not in the UK is probably OK...>>

Is that comment for real or have you just not been able to comprehend Clapton is God's thread properly?

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