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  pj123 15:54 27 Sep 2004

Surely, if you post a problem on the Forum you would want to know the solution as soon as possible?

I see many posts asking for help on the Forum, all of which have some responses, but (in many cases) we never seem to get any feedback from the person who posted it in the first place.

If I post a problem that I need help with I check it out quite regularly so that I can resolve it.

I appreciate that we all have to go to work and cannot respond to postings immediately, but 4 or 5 days (with lots of responses) should be enough to give us some feedback, shouldn’t it?

I am in the fortunate position that I work from home and I am logged in to the Forum all day so I can just check every now and again to see if I have any responses. I always respond to answers even if it is just to say “Tried that and it doesn’t work” or “It worked” and the problem is solved.

  wallbash 16:37 27 Sep 2004

I agree with you, have just spent ages sorting out a problem for ungrateful tyke. He says he will get back to me by Thurs ( fat chance)

But to take your message , as you wrote it, I must admit to doing the other Sin, not ticking the resolved Box. But as the currant wallbash question in the consumer section , maybe , even after all this time will get more replies,

  pj123 16:57 27 Sep 2004

wallbash, not ticking the resolved box is sometimes a Sin that I do as well. But at least I have posted some sort of response to my query.

I hope I am not the "tyke" you are referring to who will get back to you on Thursday because you have responded to one of my threads click here
Which I promise I will update you on the outcome.

  wallbash 17:04 27 Sep 2004

Sorry pj, I have a very warped sense of humour, gets me into all sorts of trouble, I will grow up one day (honest)

  pj123 17:21 27 Sep 2004

Well if your solution works (with the NTL registration) I will certainly let you know. If it doesn't then we will have to try something else. Either way I will post a response.

  Forum Editor 17:23 27 Sep 2004

and unfortunately there's not much anyone can do. I've tried putting kmyself in the other person's shoes - there I am, some problem driving me mad, and lots of people offering advice. I try all the suggested solutions, nothing seems to work and then........just as I'm about to hurl my computer off the white cliffs of Dover something works,problem solved. I rush around the house telling my wife, my children, the dog and the budgie - but I completely forget to tell the person in the PCA forum. Off I go, happy as Larry.....until the next time.

It's life I suppose. Some people give a polite little wave of acknowledgement when you stop to let them come through a gap in the traffic, and some people sail blithely through without so much as a look. THat's the way of the world, and the best things is just to accept it.

  pj123 17:44 27 Sep 2004

Thanks FE. I appreciate what you say. So what is the point of putting it on the Forum if you are not prepared to acknowledge the solving of the problem, even if you don't tick it as resolved.

  spuds 17:46 27 Sep 2004

This matter is raised on a regular basis, but it doesn't seem to make any effect. Yes it is very annoying when people are trying to give help and advice, and the end result is a non-response, but what can you do about-nothing I am afraid.

One thing that is becoming more noticable though, is the attitude of some of the people seeking help and advice. One or two recent posting have had the "that's not the answer I was seeking, I can get better answers elsewhere" attitude behind them, which can be very cutting at times.Do these people not realise that the answers and possible help given is purely voluntary, and doesn't come with perhaps a £1.50 per minute price tag.[rant over]

  Forum Editor 18:58 27 Sep 2004

all people who work voluntarily for any community learn early on is not to expect thanks - then you won't be disappointed.

For a number of years I worked in a counselling service in my spare time - talking to people who had problems in their personal life. It didn't take me long to realise that not everyone knows how to express thanks, and many people don't see why they should do it anyway - after all, nobody's forcing a volunteer to do what he/she does. You do it because you want to, not because you expect to be showered with thanks, or even an acknowledgement that you've helped.

We're here to provide free help - that's what we do. If you approach it from that standpoint you'll feel easier in your mind.

  smokingbeagle² 19:17 27 Sep 2004

Most of us here to learn from reading the posts. Wouldn't it be nice to learn which suggested remedy to a problem did work?
FE,would making it be possible for the originator of a thread to post a final comment and tick the "resolved" box in one go improve things? Would it be difficult to implement?

  JYPX 19:34 27 Sep 2004

Or.......How about a "nag" e-mail - helproom only - that would continue auto sending itself until you ticked the resolved box. (Only joking....or am I?)

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