Solution to the housing shortage.?

  daz60 08:21 28 May 2011

These pictures show a remarkable sense of ingenuity by the Chinese in respect to their own housing dilemma.As some of the pictures show,with a little work they can become viable long term residences for those unable to step onto the mortgage merry go round. Would or could this constitute a way forward for this country.I myself am quite taken buy these homes as i would never be able to afford a mortgage or indeed acquire council residence especially now things have changed. I guess Health and Safety would not be so encouraging.

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  Mr Mistoffelees 10:26 28 May 2011

Already being done in this country and others Container prefabs

  oresome 14:07 28 May 2011

Stack them high enough and you have in effect a high rise block of flats which were tried at one time by many local authorities, but seem to have gone out of favour in recent years for social housing.

  Strawballs 16:55 28 May 2011

The problem with council housing is they have very few left after the idiots sold them all off cheap in the 80's and 90's just so the people that bought them could sell them off for a big profit later.

  sunnystaines 18:43 28 May 2011

Eire has large estates lying empty that they cannot fill, why not get volunteer homeless shipped over there.

many years ago our area had a surplus and the westminster sent a load of here, but had us over sending problem family types and undersirable familes

  daz60 08:03 29 May 2011

Strawballs,that's about right,the great scam whereby Councils had their finances capped and could not or were not allowed to build.In the meantime properties sold on the cheap and lessening councils revenue intake. Also in the Great Sell-off of public utilities land was sold off to enterprises or private developers so taking away much needed space. At present my perception of London is that it is open for business only for the rich with new developments far in excess of the average wage. The area from which i originate,M'boro,has the usual socially deprived areas which no one wants to move to,for obvious reasons,i doubt if even an desperate homeless person would like to accept an offer. Sunnystaines, their rights and benefits are more important than neighbourly goodwill. That's my little rant over.

  sunnystaines 11:34 29 May 2011

benefits are higher in eire

  spuds 12:07 29 May 2011

This concept of housing is nothing new, its perhaps been going on since the days of WW2 or well before, when 'immediate' acceptable housing was required and provided in quick build or prefab form.

Many countries have need to provide accommodation for the increase of the worlds population, and 'jerry' building or adaptation is a positive major option.

Old containers have been used for ages, and believe it or not, that practice goes on here in the UK.

Places like India, Africa, Egypt, South America and similar environmental places around the globe have there barrios or shanty towns, usually built on what is available and on-hand. And some of these 'project' can look rather impressive, considering that the people who may have built these communities are living well below the poverty line or acceptable hygiene standards that we expect in a civilised nation.

Building workers in many of the very rich oil and commodity countries, use dormitory style accommodation blocks, with all the problems attached to providing for a large temporary workforce. So as stated earlier, its really nothing new!.

  oresome 15:42 29 May 2011

The reality in the UK is shortage of residential building land in areas close to employment opportunities.

In some areas, enough land to pitch a tent would be beyond the means of many.

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