Solution found for climate change

  carver 11:03 04 Mar 2011

Personally I think it's a bit on the drastic side

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and not really viable.

  interzone55 11:30 04 Mar 2011

Nothing like a good old nuclear winter to ease global warming...

  jakimo 16:29 04 Mar 2011

In the 1950s and 1960s,during the cold war period we got used to the threat of a Nuclear War, in the 50s when television was widely owned,there would be regular Government warnings on how to protect yourself from a Nuclear blast (no mention of the radiation fallout).
We were advised to take the doors of their hinges,lean them against a wall and cover the doors with mattresses,and some sort of covering for the windows was advised,you would then snuggle up behind the doors until things subsided outside...Most people I knew thought it would be more advisable to stand out in the road and get it over as quickly as possible.

-------------Those were the days-----------------

  Quickbeam 16:37 04 Mar 2011

Any suggestions as to who we should nuke to implement the solution?

  ams4127 17:22 04 Mar 2011

Too many to mention would be my guess!

  caccy 20:04 04 Mar 2011


"Any suggestions as to who we should nuke to implement the solution?"

How about the worst polluters for a start. Who I seem to have read somewhere are China USA & India.

  OTT_B 21:00 04 Mar 2011

Hmmmm. Wouldn't this also help alleviate possible global food shortages as well?

  dororof 11:29 05 Mar 2011

Irrespective of who,where and when,would a neutron bomb be 'cleaner'.??
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I like the final sentence,"you cannot sanitise nuclear war".
The inventor, Sam Cohen, in an interview said "it kills the bad guys",though how it differentiates between who is good/bad he did not say.

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