Solar Storm

  Input Overload 14:05 24 Jan 2012

BBC News Report

Has anyone seen strange lights in the sky?

I did look late last night for the aurora but north from here is in the direction of Sheffield only 10 miles away & lots of light pollution. So I'm off to the hills later tonight if its clear though it's not looking too good weather-wise though. Grrrrrrr.

  johndrew 14:46 24 Jan 2012

Apparently the Aurora was visible in Whitely Bay yesterday evening. How far south it will be seen I have no idea, but I think much further south than the north of England, even for a 'big' display could be pushing it.

  Input Overload 15:23 24 Jan 2012

Paul Hudson our local BBC weather presenter seemed to think there was some chance but I think the weather is against us at the moment. Some info from his blog here regarding it.

The main problem is light pollution at the moment which spoils most astronomical events. I do like lit motorways though when driving at night.

  Graham* 15:35 24 Jan 2012

10 miles south of Sheffield would put you in Chesterfield. Nothing wrong with Chesterfield.

  SimpleSimon1 15:39 24 Jan 2012

Input Overloaded

Don't know what your problem is....a quick sprint up onto Kinder Scout and Bob's your uncle. After all, what's a little snow and gale force winds - try not to fall off the Downfall, though :-)

Seriously though, good luck. Not a chance of spotting anything down here in Brighton but I hope you manage it. I saw the Lights once in Sweden and they can be breathtaking

PS if you're going to wuss out re Kinder () you might want to try Bretton Moor above Eyam. You can drive up onto it and light pollution certainly won't be a problem. Once again, Good luck and if you get a photo, post it where we can all see it.

  Input Overload 18:51 24 Jan 2012

@Graham*, just outside, only just :-)

  Input Overload 18:52 24 Jan 2012

I did think of driving to the top of the A57 not far from Bleaklow up there.

  Graham* 19:48 24 Jan 2012

Surprise View is recommended click here

  Chegs ®™ 06:33 25 Jan 2012

I have seen some strange lights in the night sky whilst delivering takeaways to the more remote villages here in the north west of england,some have been identified via google on my phone.Apparently,Sunday was a good clear night & unfortunately I wasnt working so missed it but chatting with the driver who was working that night discovered that the Northern Lights were visible. :(

With luck,I'll see them eventually.

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