Software engineers,

  wolfie3000 08:49 05 Jul 2007

What is it with software engineers?

1 Write a usefull piece of software.
2 Dont bother testing for bugs, just release it and call it BETA.
3 Put a price tag in it.
4 release if for $20 and make a freeware version with all the usefull bits taken out.
5 call the $20 version PRO and the freeware version Lite.

  Nibblerman 09:17 05 Jul 2007

tell you what ill go with you on this Wolfie,this is a good point,you should send this link to

  spikeychris 09:32 05 Jul 2007

I remember the days when Beta testing was only done by people who understand the inns and outs of coding issues. You would soak test software and feed back to the writers, that was in the day of single platform usage and far fewer other apps writing to the same piece of memory. Unless you have hundreds of techs running tests on every possibility you have to release as Beta.

  Rigga 09:42 05 Jul 2007

For many small developers there's no other choice.

1 Write a usefull piece of software.
* The easy bit

2 Dont bother testing for bugs, just release it and call it BETA.
* You will find all software is tested, even by bad developers. You release a BETA version to see if it really is as useful as you think, and to iron out any unforeseen bugs you have missed. If you waited until you had bug free software, you would never release it, as there is no such thing.

3 Put a price tag in it.
* everyone needs to eat, even developers :)

4 release if for $20 and make a freeware version with all the usefull bits taken out.
* with every man and his dog writing software these days, trying to get people to pay for YOUR software is very hard. If you make it shareware, and encourage donations you will find people use it but rarely donate so never make any money. So you release a limited function or days freeware version so people can use it and hopefully find it useful enough that they buy it.

5 call the $20 version PRO and the freeware version Lite.
* see above.

And at the end of all that you find you're still not a millionaire. :( until you do actually have a very useful piece of software, and one of the "Big Boys" buys you out. Every developers dream!

R. :)

  Stuartli 10:08 05 Jul 2007

Even the mighty Microsoft issues beta versions.

  wee eddie 10:36 05 Jul 2007

You must be getting old!

  spuds 11:17 05 Jul 2007

Methinks it as something to do with a gaming issue ;o)

  wolfie3000 19:06 05 Jul 2007

Yeah i do have an issue with a certain piece of software,

click here=

  Rigga 20:39 05 Jul 2007

Just a quick q. Wolfie. If you owned the company what would you do? :)


  Totally-braindead 21:03 05 Jul 2007

If a programs a BETA I just don't touch it, my PC runs fine and I don't want to make it less stable adding an untested program.
Now when I say untested I don't mean completly untested as I'm sure they test as well as they can but when theres so many options out there chipsets, different amounts and types of memory, different processors, etc, etc and the millions of programs its not really possible for any computer company regardless of its size to just find all the faults and release it. Even Microsoft has BETA testers.
Regarding what they call the different versions it makes sense to me, the Pro version is the full paid for one and the Lite is a cut down version.
I don't have a problem with that either.
Charging for software, no problem with that, and cutting down the options in the freeware version no problem with that either, they are after all just using the Lite version as sort of advertising to encourage you to buy the full version, they are not putting it out there out of the goodness of their hearts after all they want to make money.

So I'm afraid I'm not with you on this one at all. I disagree that they don't test at all and I see nothing wrong with charging or releasing a freeware cut down version. If you really need the program then you'll pay for the full version or find a freeware program that does the same thing. The only thing I wouldn't be happy with is if they released a BETA program and wanted to charge you for it.

  wolfie3000 23:51 05 Jul 2007

I guess your all right in the end,

Just annoyed that i cant get sisoft sandra PRO for free,

Also just curious as to why most companies use the "Pro" "lite" descriptions for there software?

Cant they use "Free" "Paid for"?

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