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  morddwyd 08:59 03 May 2014

I've never been into social media, and to be honest, on the couple of occasions I tried I haven't been able to make head or tail of it.

However, it now seems so immediate, for instance, the Ukrainian Interior Minister has his own page where stuff appears long before it does on the major news channels.

Should I therefore now make a determined effort, and if so, is there an idiots' guide?

I've tried a couple, but they are straight into talking about timelines and walls, and if I knew what they were I probably wouldn't need the guide anyway.

Serious enquiry, so reasonably serious answers please!

  hastelloy 09:04 03 May 2014

I did try Facebook a couple of years ago but didn't see the point of it and didn't like it so cancelled my registration. I've yet to see a reason to change my mind.

  Woolwell 09:42 03 May 2014

I use Facebook for family reasons and keep the privacy settings high. I occasionally look at Twitter but fail to see the fuss over it.

In your case I wouldn't bother. The Ukrainian page will have its own spin. Suggest that you keep using the news outlets, including exploring ones like Aljazeera

  Forum Editor 09:42 03 May 2014

Everyone in my family who can use a computer uses Facebook on a regular basis. As an information sharing resource it really has no equal, and the security worries that plagued the company in the past have been resolved by now.

As long as you exercise a degree of commonsense when selecting your profile options (and that's an easy process) you have nothing to fear from Facebook. Registration and setup is very straightforward, as long as you take it slowly, and understand the basic concept. Initially it might be wise to lock everything down nice and tight - you can always relax things a little later on, as you become more familiar with the way it all works.

If you would like some step-by-step help and advice I'm quite sure there are many regular users in the forum who would be happy to help.

  simonjary 12:35 03 May 2014

Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends and family, as well as favourite musicians, bands, authors, etc.

Twitter is good for news and updates from brands, media, celebrities etc.

You don't have to start with lots of updates. You can just view. Try following people you know, or Twitter feeds from the likes of your favourite newspaper, politician (!), etc.

Both are free, and you can be signed up in minutes.

Hey, you can even follow PC Advisor on Facebook and Twitter!

  fourm member 12:42 03 May 2014

The reason they are called social networks is that they spread and expand.

I still don't get Facebook but would be upset to have to do without Twitter.

Start by thinking about who you like to read in newspapers. Use the search facility in Twitter to find their accounts and follow them. You don't need to do anything in the early stages except sit back and read their tweets. Mostly they'll tweet links to stories that you'll want to read.

You'll find them retweeting people and some of those will seem worth following. And so it goes.

I found Twitter's own help section useful for getting some idea of what happens.

As with so much to do with computers, it is a case of thinking 'there must be a way to do this' and then finding it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:37 03 May 2014

I've just joined Facebook and like you are still trying to get to grips with it.

Went to visit the youngest and found she now had a new pet, didn't you know, she said, "I've been posting pictures on Facebook all week", seems without Facebook we are the last to know :0(

Still in the last three days I haven't read anything interesting on there just the boring mundane crap of everyday life that users seem to think everyone else needs to know. Not sure how long I'll bother with it.

But I seem to have a lot more people wanting to be friends now :0)

  morddwyd 17:21 03 May 2014

"you can even follow PC Advisor on Facebook and Twitter!"

Which illustrates exactly my point about an idiots guide.

"How do you "follow", what is it and how does it differ from roaming round the website?

  fourm member 17:44 03 May 2014

On Twitter you have a 'timeline'. Once you are following someone their tweets appear in your timeline.

So, once you've joined Twitter, find someone to follow. All usernames start @ so put, say @bbc in the search box and see what you get.

Click one of the results and the profile opens. This will have a box saying 'follow'. Click that and the tweets from that person will appear in your timeline.

Now just look at your timeline when you want and you'll see the tweets that have been written by that account.

  hastelloy 17:57 03 May 2014

"Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends and family"

I do this quite happily and effectively by email, phone and visits.

"once you've joined Twitter, find someone to follow."

I fail to see the point and have better things to do with my time.

  rickf 18:12 03 May 2014

I was resistant for a long time but joined F/B a couple of months ago. I have found it very entertaining and keeping up with bands/music etc., I lost touch with my guitar tech when I moved out of London and he had moved recently as the premises he used to worked from had closed. Guess where I found him again eventually? Facebook and now a couple of guitars are going to him for repairs.

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