A sobering message to drink drivers

  WhiteTruckMan 17:59 18 Dec 2006

If anyone is thinking of just having a quick one on the way home from work-this is for you.

If you drove to the pub on a saturday night and think you dont need a taxi home-this is for you.

If you had some wine with your meal out and intend to drive home-this is for you.

If you see a friend intending to drive home from a party after they have had some drink-this is for you.

If you think its funny to slip something into someones drink while they are unaware-this is for you.

The following link contains personal information and VERY explicit pictures of just one of the 'statistics' of drunk driving. I personally have a strong stomach but it nearly moved me to tears. if you are easily upset, dont follow the link. If, after reading this far, you follow the link and are offended, dont bother complaining to me, because I will not be interested. Take it up with FE who I have cleared this with in advance because of its graphic nature.

click here


  The Brigadier 18:06 18 Dec 2006

How ever shocking it is sadly people will still go and drink & drive and think that even after a few or after the next morning it's still safe to drive, it's NOT!

I always say no drink for 24 hours between bottle & throttle.

  Forum Editor 18:33 18 Dec 2006

that a thread like this runs just before Christmas. The Office party season is in full swing, and there will inevitably be some horrors on the roads.

The link in the opening post certainly contains some horrific images, and if you aren't up to seeing the results of severe burning on the human face you should give it a miss. I agreed to it being posted because a) I was asked in advance and b) I believe it acts as a powerful reminder of what can happen when cars+people+alcohol mix.

  p;3 18:37 18 Dec 2006

suitably warned and prepared I have looked at the pictures and read the story which I am glad that the FE has given persmission to be posted

unfortunatley I think that people will not give a toss about drinking and driving with the attitude of "it will not happen to me"

I do not drink alcohol ; however, I have been in vehicles where the driver HAD been drinking and I wish to this day that I had had the courage and presence of mind to get out

(having said that, I had one occasion MANY years ago where i had been out and had a small glass of wine; I then got behidn teh wheelo f my car for the short drive home; as soon a s I was in the car I KNEW my judgement WAS wrong,.I drove home the slowest I have ever driven, second and third judging all of my decisions well-knowing I was at risk; I will never do thaat again

I just hope that someone who has the courage to see the pictures and read the story will be affected by it and stop drinking and driving

lets hope that some good can come out of this tragic event

  €dstowe 18:48 18 Dec 2006

Surrey police have a travelling "exhibition" going on at the moment stopping at supermarket car parks in the area.

The exhibits consist mainly of cars that have been involved in smashes caused by drunken drivers.

Very thought provoking and disturbing.

  The Brigadier 19:23 18 Dec 2006

12 years ago i had a spell of HGV driving and delivering of dangerous cargos such as amunition etc. Often in the dead of night we would be driving along and see those under the influence of drink coming out of pubs and driving.

Had one driver come up behind flasing their lights and shouting abuse, as we entered a quiet country lane my co-driver wondered aloud if they knew the road well, 5 minutes later we came round a blind bend to find the car buried in to a tree with the car partialy on fire, our escort put the flames out, pulled them clear & gave first aid to those injured.

Luckerly for them at the last moment our normal route got changed, if not they could all have died on a lonely country lane!

  anskyber 19:33 18 Dec 2006

Not easy to look at, but if it was me I would run it (post watershed) on the TV.

  Diemmess 19:43 18 Dec 2006

A nephew in his early days with Thames Valley Police was introduced to the Lion intoximeter.

The inspector looked at him sharply and said "You didn't drive into work today did you?"
Fortunately the answer was "No" because he was over the limit this morning after.

So many either don't think, or don't face the fact that alcohol is metabolised very slowly.

  PurplePenny 19:48 18 Dec 2006

Last Christmas the edge of town supermarket had a promotion on: as people left the supermarket (to get in their cars) they were being offered tasters of several different wines. The staff seemed to think it odd when I voiced my disgust and disbelief.

  Forum Editor 19:48 18 Dec 2006

I know what you mean, but you have to be careful about this kind of thing. There's a danger that your message will be so powerful that your target audience switches off - literally. If drink-drive TV ads are too shocking people just don't watch them - they fall short of being effective.

An excellent example of how to get it just right is the ad that's set in a bar - the one in which the girl is hurled against the bar counter.

  spuds 20:14 18 Dec 2006

My local constabulary have increased their Pre Christmas drink drive campaign, with the message 'We Will Get You'. DIC's have reached an high proportion already, so it looks like their actions are gaining results.

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