So you think your PC is safe

  SANTOS7 22:31 20 Apr 2007

Hi guys,
Been off the site for over a couple of weeks now, haven't deserted ya, My PC suffered what can only be described as a catastrophic failure.
One day all is well, next day NOTHING cannot boot to anything cannot run repair, BACKUP CORRUPT, all sorts of things going on, so thats where i have been ,making some radical changes to my PC bigger HDD, more memory, graphics card and most importantly putting a system in place that may save me hours and hours of head scratching and wottying how to get my data back (most of which i still don't have).
I know this message has been done to death but if you don't think it can happen to you (i didn't) it might. BACK-UP your system to seperate HDD, removable media or what ever.
Make some bootable recovery discs, backup your .ini files the tools are out there guys so USE THEM,good luck
OHH!!!! good to be back, missed the old place....

  hzhzhzhz 22:44 20 Apr 2007

Welcome back SANTOS7.

I had a pc die on me last year and lost all my pics. I had backed them up onto a cd but I've lost it. :-(

  SANTOS7 23:03 20 Apr 2007

Thanks hzhzhzhz, for all the housekeeping i do and the regular Backup to a seperate HDD and the recovery discs that i made i thought i was fine,
all i can say is what ever is on my old master HDD (sat on desk) in the C:/ partition is which i cannot access, format or do anything with at the moment is a complete mystery..

  gudgulf 23:15 20 Apr 2007

My pc died a couple of weeks ago too......suddenly.

Even though I have full Acronis backups which were not affected the death of the PSU and motherboard,it left me with a backup which would not boot with the replacement CPU/motherboard when I restored the image.

Fortunately booting the image in Safe Mode worked and I've been able to adapt my installation to accept the new motherboard and cpu.

All my documents and setting were recoverable from my backups in the event of having to reinstall fully I could have easily returned to my previous set up.

You are absolutely right.........Back up, Back up, Back as many ways as possible.

Do it right and you WILL be thankful.

Maybe not today,maybe not tomorrow but soon!

  Kate B 11:09 21 Apr 2007

That's precisely why I don't keep a ghost image of my system: if a vital piece of hardware goes phut, the image might not work. I just keep my data backed up along with any patches that would be a pain to download again (mostly for World of Warcraft). I've had a couple of major hardware failures - I've replaced the motherboard in my PC once - and I've learned that I'd rather start from a sparkly clean install of Windows and put myself through the chore of reinstalling software rather than struggle with an image that doesn't work with new hardware.

Glad you're back, Santos7.

  Pine Man 11:58 21 Apr 2007

I use Acronis to take a full image weekly and even if you have to have a new system that you can't do a full restore to you can still extract files etc from the image you have taken.

  SANTOS7 17:15 21 Apr 2007

Very valid point Kate B and an issue i am strongly looking into and i think removable media (DvD) is the way to go for me, i have still no idea why my system failed but the consensus of opinion with colleagues of mine suggest VIRUS, and whatever it was is one nasty piece of work..

  DrScott 17:26 21 Apr 2007

I use SyncToy to back up My Documents fairly regularly, which contains most of the stuff that's really important.

  Woolwell 17:36 21 Apr 2007

I follow the same back up procedure as Kate B.

I also have a UPS. I have had it cut in once since buying due to a sudden power cut. My data was not corrupted and it protected my system.

  DrScott 00:20 22 Apr 2007

aaah.. one of the benefits of using a laptop :)

  Forum Editor 00:26 22 Apr 2007

of my office machines' hard drives. I simply back up all data files, and any large updates. The backups go to external drives automatically, every two hours, and are also written to DVDs at the end of every week.

In the unlikely event of a system failure I prefer to start from scratch. Over the years it's proved to be the best method.

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