So You Think You Are Middle Class?

  oresome 19:28 20 Mar 2011

"Most Britons now claim to be middle class, as research shows that the proportion of people who describe themselves as working class has dropped to less than a quarter."

"the idea of calling yourself upper class has disappeared altogether"

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I've always regarded myself as working class and see no shame in it, much to the annoyance of my offspring who would like to consider herself of somewhat better stock.

The middle class as defined by the commonly used ABC1 groups is much smaller at just over half of the population, with skilled manual workers, shop workers and unemployed people described as working class.

So it seems some people are just getting above themselves.

  morddwyd 20:03 20 Mar 2011


  Strawballs 21:51 20 Mar 2011

That's because most of our heavy industries were decimated in the 80's and 90's there are not many people that like me consider themselves working class.

  Brumas 22:27 20 Mar 2011

Certainly not.

  ton 22:50 20 Mar 2011

"So it seems some people are just getting above themselves".

As far as I'm concerned, if you need to earn money then you must be working class.

  Forum Editor 23:25 20 Mar 2011

that if you do manual work for a living, work in a shop, or are unemployed you must be 'working class'.

Is it not possible for a middle class person to be unemployed, or work on a building site?

My father started his working life as a coal miner in a Welsh valley. He worked hard and became an RAF Wing Commander - what did that make him? My mother was training as a dancer with the Royal Ballet when war broke out, and she joined the WRAF - what did that make her, and what did all of it make me?

I work hard for a living,but I don't lay bricks, or serve in a shop - does that mean I can't be working class?

In today's world class distinction is much more difficult - the lines between the 'classes' have become blurred, and far less important than they were. The worst thing in my opinion is the tendency for some people to be all smug about it and say they are 'proud to be working class' as if it's something special. Everyone who works for a living is working class - the differences don't appear there. Class distinctions are cultural,and separate people far more distinctly than the way they get their money. There are plenty of middle class people who slave away day in and day out, and there are plenty of working class people who are lazy, idle benefit scroungers.

  wolfie3000 01:46 21 Mar 2011

To me there is no class destiction, Im me and thats all i can be.

I would rather judge people on there deeds than there supposed status in society.
Rich or poor it makes no difference to me, true wealth is measured in actions.

  wee eddie 03:58 21 Mar 2011

Nouveau Pauvre!

Well bred but pennyless

  Kevscar1 06:46 21 Mar 2011

Well I've been told on a number of occassions that I have no class at all.

  sunnystaines 08:22 21 Mar 2011

middle class i consider not poor enough for benefits but not rich enough to be in high tax earnings or have an accountant to assist you avoid as much tax as possible.

basically all your earnings are PAYE.

  morddwyd 08:54 21 Mar 2011

I was born for gracious living.

Unfortunately I've never been able to afford it!

Believe it or not a friend recently said that now she has a large house (and she does) she has started shopping in Next because "......that's where the posh people go"!

Still T K Maxx for me, so I'm firmly stuck in my working class roots.

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