So why has he not been sacked already??

  Admiral Allstar 18:36 07 Sep 2010

If I had been charged of an offence I would have been sacked from my job with immediate effect. This guy is jailed for six months and still has his at present.

As a Wiltshire resident I am appalled and disgusted. What I find most sickening is "Andrews was suspended on full pay following his conviction". WHY AM I PAYING MY TAXES TO A CRIMINAL??!!

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  john bunyan 18:39 07 Sep 2010

I agree. In even the most bureaucratic organisations you can be sacked for "gross misconduct", which this clearly was. As a reident, why don't you write to the Chief Constable and ask why this was not done?

  Admiral Allstar 18:52 07 Sep 2010

john bunyan - already done.

  jakimo 19:36 07 Sep 2010

Its been said many times rule for us,a different rule for them.
or was the whole incident the figment of the "Mails" imagination as some would say

  WhiteTruckMan 19:41 07 Sep 2010

who didn't raise concerns should also be asked some very pointed questions, in my opinion.


  natdoor 19:41 07 Sep 2010

He will be subject to police disciplinary measures in due course.

  VCR97 20:06 07 Sep 2010

I believe that the judge made adverse comments about three other officers.

  wiz-king 21:53 07 Sep 2010

National law take precedence over employers law. Until he had been found guilty or not guilty by a court he could not go through the service disciplinary procedure.

  morddwyd 07:41 08 Sep 2010

Be interesting to see if he holds on to his pension.

A couple of years before I retired I was escort to a serviceman who was convicted of flashing.

In addition to his "normal" sentence he lost his pension.

This would have been of the order of £7.5 to £10k pa for life. As he was in his mid forties that was one hell of a fine, which he's probably still paying.

  bri-an 08:17 08 Sep 2010

In the case, in Scotland, of a policeman jailed for rape, he got only the part of his pension that he had contributed. The employers contrbutions were lost.
I believe he appealed, lost and is now considering further appeals to a higher court.

  jakimo 15:15 08 Sep 2010

If it hadn't been for a whistle blower,this videoed assault in a police station in 2008 would have remained covered up.

Why didn't the officer in change suspend Andrews 2 years ago?

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