So this is where the money goes?

  peter99co 10:43 12 Jun 2008

I hope this is not a common problem with the taxpayers cash.

click here

  belfman 10:48 12 Jun 2008

Loose change for this bunch of muppets in charge.

  jakimo 13:44 12 Jun 2008

The PAC chairman just about sums it up,but as usual know one is held responsible,they(however they are) will just go on wasting public money without any consequences

  barca1 14:55 12 Jun 2008

YET AGAIN nothing will come of it, NO ONE will be put in the fireing line..another "Blip" as they say so easly to a massive £29Mill..after this week you wont hear of it again "Brushed Under the carpet" closed book, another chapter in politics,i doubt it would even be investigated properly...Dissgrace that money could of been made to use...I am sick of seeing things like this when they GRILL us for the little things in our lives..

  rickf 15:02 12 Jun 2008

I believe you'll find that under new labour there has been a huge amount spent on so called consultants. Called me cynical but I think this is new labour's way of 1)taking rersponsibilty 2) feeding the commercial sector with tax payer's money.
With regards to 1), Have you noticed hardly anyone has resigned having made huge mistakes!!
Perhaps, I just don't like this lot and the sooner they go the better.

  rickf 15:02 12 Jun 2008

Should read 1) not taking responsibilty

  Forum Editor 15:57 12 Jun 2008

why has noboody offered me a lucrative government advisory role?

  TopCat® 17:05 12 Jun 2008

Because you'd most probably come up with something that works and is extremely cost effective! TC.

  barca1 18:50 12 Jun 2008

TopCat®" loool i'll happily second that..FE is the MAN!!!

  peter99co 18:58 12 Jun 2008

'The Home Office plans to build an immigration detention centre on the Bicester site, but it will not be open until 2012 at the earliest and will require planning permission.'

This is after spending £8 million on a termination fee.

Does this mean the statment is in error or are they going to start spending on it again?

  rickf 19:56 12 Jun 2008

Probably becuase you don't charge enough. This lot likes to over spend so don't put in a tender that is too cheap. It's bound to be rejected.

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