So whats a...

  BT 17:57 04 Jun 2009

I was watching BBC Bargain Hunt at lunchtime today and the two young women (early 20's?) on one team were shown a Silver Victorian Cruet Set by their 'Expert'. When he told them what it was they asked "What's a Cruet Set?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and even IF they didn't know the Salt and Pepper pots should have given them a clue.

I dispair at some of the things young people don't seem to know these days.

  gardener 18:05 04 Jun 2009

Reminds me of a comment I read once. Someone was asking what people thought of the Police single 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' which alludes to the book 'Lolita' written by Vladimir Nabokov in the lyrics.

One reply was 'Oh it's great. But what's a Nabokov?'

  dagnammit 18:20 04 Jun 2009

I just searched on Google because I didn't what a Cruet Set was and I'm 26 years old.

  dagnammit 18:22 04 Jun 2009


  wiz-king 18:25 04 Jun 2009

Salt and pepper comes in little paper or plastic sachets - doesn't it?

  Toneman 18:50 04 Jun 2009

They'll want to know what a "Companion Set" is next...

  AL47 19:00 04 Jun 2009

i didnt know, im 23

  canarieslover 19:48 04 Jun 2009

My grandfather knew of a lot of things that I knew nothing of and the same will apply with todays young generation when they are grandfathers. Changes happen so much more quickly now that our children never see the articles that were in current use when we were children. I actually have a cruet set in the back of a cupboard but cannot remember it being used for at least thirty years. It's only kept as it was left to me by my grandfather.

  wiz-king 19:50 04 Jun 2009

Isn't that what you have if you have a couple of 'fire dogs'?
Sorry for the grating comment, made in an un-guarded moment.

  laurie53 20:21 04 Jun 2009

Actually if we are going to be criticising the depth of peoples' knowledge I believe the correct term is simply "cruet".

  wee eddie 20:34 04 Jun 2009

a little Victorian Silverware, which is usually remarkably cheap, sets the table off beautifully.

If you haven't ever had a Dinner Party, try it, it can be great fun.

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