So what was it like for you then?

  Cymro. 10:27 10 May 2008

I downloaded and installed SP3 yesterday. First attempt was unsuccessful but second attempt worked alright after I had disabled my Avast.

I don`t know if it was Avast that stopped the download first time or not but it certainly worked without it.

The whole thing took about 35 minutes on what is a rather slow system. Everything seems to be working fine and my system is if anything running a little smother.

I notice that complaints are now beginning to appear on the forum and that not all of you have been as lucky as I was. So how did you all get on with it then?

  bremner 10:36 10 May 2008

Seamless installation - can't say notice any difference yet

  crosstrainer 11:33 10 May 2008

Number 2 PC, no problems at all....12 minutes from start to finish. Laptop refuses point blank to download SP3 despite disabling AV etc. I will contact ACER on Monday, but have to take things easy due to illness at the mo. I have a feeling that ACER may have a special installation CD, and I have too much valuable data on the lappy to muck about with it. May just upgrade to Vista and be done with.

  sunny staines 11:37 10 May 2008

sp3 ok no problems

  spuds 11:54 10 May 2008

But is SP3 worth installing at the present time. According to various reports, it might be another case of wait and see, like previous upgrades.

  Forum Editor 11:59 10 May 2008

As I've said elsewhere, SP3 is mainly a collection of previously-released security updates and fixes - it doesn't contain any new features.

If you have kept your Windows XP installation up to date you probably already have most of SP3 on your machine.

  peg 12:01 10 May 2008

and had to turn updates off, while it was telling me updates were ready it was making SVCHOST EXE. hog the cpu and drastically slowing everything down once i turned it off everything back to normal, so i think i will hang on a while. too many people having to many problems.

  Cymro. 12:19 10 May 2008

I must admit I was a little nervous of downloading it so soon as I still consider myself a beginner at all this and don`t know if I could get myself out of any problem that might occur with it. It also seems a risk for so little gain.

So I thought it a good idea to clean out my system first with such things as CCleaner and defrag etc. and put my trust in System Restore and the Helproom of this forum. If the worst come to the worst I suppose we could always remove it via Control Panel/Add Remove Prog.

  peter99co 14:08 10 May 2008

There is a suggestion from Microsoft to Download SP3 to Desktop,Uninstall AV software, Update SP3 and then reinstall AV. This way would prevent security issues between SP3 and AV software.

This has appeared on Helproom forum I think.

  Totally-braindead 14:41 10 May 2008

First time I tried it it failed, tried the next day and it worked fine.

Do have a query though if anyone can answer it.

Is SP3 all the updates from SP1 and SP2 together with any new ones?

I only wonder as, if I had to reinstall windows and was working from an SP1 disk would I have to install SP2 and then SP3 or would installing SP3 do the same thing?

  Stuartli 15:15 10 May 2008

SP2 includes SP1.

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