So what else do you do with your computer?

  Cymro. 11:34 04 Dec 2009

I had my first taste of computing some 20 years ago when the kids were young and I used to help them out with their homework on one (Commodore 64). The children left home some 10 or so years ago and so took their computers with them (laptops by then)and I thought that I had seen the last of a computer in our house. This did not bother me.

Then on my 60th. birthday 3 years ago the children got together and bought me a laptop and everything I needed to go on line. With the help of this excellent site and a few library books I have taught myself enough to be able to use the computer for everything I am interested in as for as computing is concerned.

So where do I go from here. The very act of learning about computing has in itself been something of a hobby for me for the last 3 years. In no way am I saying that I know it all re. computers but I do feel that I now need to take things further and do something else with my computer and the knowledge about it that I have gained.

Perhaps what I need is some other interest or hobby that I can take part in with my computer. At the moment I send/receive a few Emails, write and print off the odd letter, involve myself in a couple of other forums that are not connected with computing and the occasional look in on this forum. But I feel that is not enough and there must be more to computing than this.

I feel that for the effort I have put in in learning about computing I am not making enough use my computer. I do have other interests in life so that is not the problem, but for certain reasons it really is a case of "not getting out enough" and so I have more time to spend on my computer than most but am now not too sure what to do with it, the computer that is not the time.

I am not in to gaming and don`t fancy another forum nor do I wish to further my education. So any suggestions? What do you people do with your computers apart from this excellent forum?

  Woolwell 11:39 04 Dec 2009

Photo and video editing, desk top publishing, on-line purchases, on-line banking, family history research are the main activities.

  Seth Haniel 11:46 04 Dec 2009

Latest project completed successfully.
Back in the hey-days of music - the late Jimi Hendrix classic 'Electric ladyland' was released,. There were two tracks 'Rainy Day, dream away' & 'Still raining, still dreaming'.

I realized early on that this was one track cut in two and faded out -I have (with the help of MP3 Maker prize from PCA) been able to re-edit it back into the original single track and you can't even hear the join.
Well pleased and something not really possible with out the good old PC

  Spark6 11:47 04 Dec 2009

Family history has been the subject/hobby I have pursued for the last ten years and I still find it interesting and challenging.

  Kevscar1 12:32 04 Dec 2009

So much you can see and do

Download Google earth then go to their pages and add some of the many things you can add.
I've tracked cruise ships that have had webcams broadcasting from them done various flights and seen photos from places I'll never visit.
You can even go into space with it now.

As others have said photo, and vidoe. It,s great fun to erase the background and stick family members into weird and wonderful pictures.

Free online poker games.

There is so much out there you could probably try something new everyday.

  Jim Thing 12:43 04 Dec 2009

I taught myself HTML coding and started a nostalgia website (old class & team photos, school magazines, etc.) for ex-pupils of my old school, which was closed and demolished in the 1980s by the local Labour council in a spasm of politically-correct jealousy. It's at click here if anyone's interested. (Blatant plug)

My website now runs to more than 1400 pages and has given me a stack of friends all over the world and in all walks of life.

  Picklefactory 13:26 04 Dec 2009

I appear to use mine to suck up every bit of available dust in my little home office.

  babybell 14:22 04 Dec 2009

writing or have a passion for something then there is web design or simply blogging. Or like woolwell says, picture and video editing. Grab yourself a nice camera, take a nice walk a snap away at some photos...

  Input Overload 17:42 04 Dec 2009

Picklefactory it is weird that PC's & Hi-Fi are far more effective than a Dyson at finding dust in your home. (I give my PC a dust down everyday - Obsessive - Well it is new)

  john bunyan 18:24 04 Dec 2009

I use mine for photography and music. Have scanned, improved and digitised loads of old family photos for cousins etc. Also my wife has an iPod Classic with a "Boom Box", as do a couple of grandchildren, and I have two iTunes libraries, with many playlists, and have put all of CD's , reel to reel tapes, cassettes etc into MP3 format. Trying to convert spreadsheet knowlege learnt on Lotus 123 to Excel - which seems too complicated ...(I am in '70's)

  Toneman 18:33 04 Dec 2009

Couldn't manage without mine for photo adjusting, cropping, brightness, contrast etc, then printing out. Far better than the shop prints.

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