So what do you forecast

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:56 01 Jul 2005

for the future of the PC with the imminent arrival of the Xbox 360 and the PS3? The 360 is said to have as much graphics power (or more) than the recently released Nvidia 7800 - but will cost much less - never mind the rest of the PC!

The view that consoles are 'just for playing games' is now longer valid. So are we going to see a price crash in the PC market or is something going to be pulled out of the PC 'hat' to justify spending £1000 or more on a performance pc?

  Pooke 23:41 01 Jul 2005

I'd rather sit in a nice leather chair at my desk than squat on the sofa at the telly.

The consoles will appeal to different people, games accross different platforms can be different. I have played games on the PS2 and then on PC and the PC games have looked fuller and richer. My PC hardware is nothing special and is old by any standard.

PC's are much more versatile and can be used for thousands more tasks than games consoles. I think basically too that because of hardware prices falling, people will buy both, have their PC and their games console.


  LastChip 23:46 01 Jul 2005

The Xbox, is still essentially an entertainment center. It plays games, streams music and video and so on, but if you take the wider view of a computers capabilities, I don't think it holds up as a computer replacement by any stretch of the imagination.

In spite of all the familiar Microsoft hype, the current Xbox still runs behind the Play Station for most gamers. Whether that status quo will change remains to be seen.

My own feeling is, gamers will wait to see what PS3 offers, before the outcome is decided.

  [email protected]@ 00:09 02 Jul 2005

Speaking as a gamer I still think that the pc is much more versatile than any console and we have all the major consoles in our family.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 11:09 02 Jul 2005

I'm not exactly sure how much the new consoles will encroach onto 'traditional' pc territory. As they will feature online play, I guess email and browsing will be available in some form.

I suppose the real question I'm asking is how pc manufacturers and component suppliers will respond to the fact that the new consoles will offer gamers more performance for £300 - £400 than a pc costing £1500 -£2000?

If you want to fill in the gaps that a console may not be able to cover, (ie non gaming) you can pick up a good pc for £300. Games for the consoles will be more expensive but you have to buy a lot to make up the price differences here.

ATi and Nvidia have been (willingly) driven by Microsoft and Sony into producing GPUs for the consoles which outperform the best of todays graphics cards for a fraction of the cost, have they shot themselves in the foot regarding future sales of grahics cards for pcs? And how will they justify the high prices they charge for these cards?

  Pooke 11:20 02 Jul 2005

That's an interesting one.

I'd guess that the amount of chips produced for the consoles would be high keeping cost down. Secondly I was told before (might be wrong) that consoles are sold at a loss and then that's recovered when the consumer buy the liscenced games?


  CurlyWhirly 15:28 02 Jul 2005

I am sticking with the PC personally.
This is despite the PlayStation 3 probably being more powerful than top of the range desktops to start off with (graphics & processor wise).

Give it a couple of years and PC technology will surpass it as PC technology is always evolving where as consoles hardware stays the same until a new model or console is released.

I *have* owned a couple of games consoles in the past, namely the PS1 and PS2 but much prefer the PC to both of them.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:13 02 Jul 2005

There is much hype surrounding the upcoming new games consoles. Personally I doubt any of them are really as powerful as the manufacturers would like us all to believe.

  Mysticnas 16:22 04 Jul 2005

There's a number of issues here.

1. If you're a PC Gamer, as in somone who uses a PC for games only, then technology wise you're being stummpered!!! You're paying a huge amount more than your console counterpart who, when these next gen consoles are release will be playing about with advanced GPU's etc...

At the end of the day the XBOX current runs a GF2 or is it a 256???

Then there's the people who mod their consoles. Also, multiplayer capabiilties. OK peolpe will argue about online games where you can play against 100's of people. But there are things such as real people, friends? I think the consoles win in leaps and bounds here!

  Aspman 14:13 05 Jul 2005

I read an article on the Register or the Inquirer the other day about a bit of a stooshie over screenshots of Project Gotham Racing for the 360. They were so realistic that some people were claiming that the developers had shown a photograph of a real building. They had to come back with wirefram images to prove that the picture were in game.

Here is the link to the story click here

If the 360 is that good already, what is the PS3 going to come out with?

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