So what did you do at the end of the millenium?

  wolfie3000 04:24 16 Aug 2007

Long time ago now but what did you do on the last day of 1999?

For me i went out to a millenium party with friends,
Started with a few drinks at my then loac pub at 7PM then went to a nightclub until 11PM,

Then we went down a random street and found a house throwing a party so we entered and sat down in there living room,

Must have been 30 or so people there and we didnt know any of them, not even the owners of the house,

So we all sat down and a guy offered us a few drinks and we chatted to the people there,

Then the countdown started, the reason the count down sticks in my mind the most is i was upstairs waiting to use the bathroom and there were 5 people in the bathroom counting down,

I had no choice but to go outside and use the garden as a toilet,

I was outside freezing cold, drunk when all hell breaks loose,

Fireworks going off everywhere, people screaming and shouting, it was like a warzone,

Bangs and screams, I think i passed out at this point as i dont remember anything else of that night,

I remember waking up the next morning still in the garden, trousers round my ankles, freezing cold so i made myself decent and knocked on the back door of the house,

a young man around 20 answers the door and invites me in for some breakfast, the house still littered with bodies, beer cans and general mess,

We talk over breakfast about the night before, i finish breakfast and head home.

Funny thing is to this day i cant remember where the house was or who the person i had breakfast with was.

So that was what i did millenium eve, what did you do?

  sunny staines 06:39 16 Aug 2007

cannot remember now. but did get a norton cd to correct the dreaded millennium bug that did not happen.

  Forum Editor 06:52 16 Aug 2007

you were the gatecrasher who spent the night in my garden with no trousers on.

  laurie53 08:59 16 Aug 2007

As posted on a previous thread, I have a New Year phobia, and this one was worse.

I spent the night sweating and trembling and feeling sick and wondering if I would live through it.

Sounds daft now but if you have a phobia you'll understand.

  octal 09:16 16 Aug 2007

I spent the evening in the company of the CEO of our hospital waiting for the place to drop off the end of the world, at 00:30 it was clear nothing was going to happen as I predicted, said goodnight to them all and went home, a complete waste of time.

Oh, yes we did have one computer that didn't go over to the year 2000 but I'm ashamed to say how old it was because it was connected to a piece of medical equipment. I condemned and removed it the next day, on the way back the the department threw it in the skip.

  Seth Haniel 09:20 16 Aug 2007

click here
Cairnpapple Hill with about 30 others - and celebrated with a passed whiskey bottle and broken bread - and from our vantage point saw the firework displays in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Stirling

  Bingalau 09:40 16 Aug 2007

FE Now we know you are only 27 years old. I thought you were in your 40's at least!

Me? I spent it fast asleep with not a care in the World about tomorrow.

  Pine Man 11:33 16 Aug 2007

I was a senior police officer working throughout the night with a policing contingency plan based on the expectation that the world was going to come to end with planes falling out of the skies and riots everywhere - or worse.

I needn't have worried. My biggest concern was unfounded. When I got home the next day my PC still worked...phew!

  lisa02 12:10 16 Aug 2007

Almost 8 years Wolfie and you expect me to remember?

I can't remember what happened last weekend!

Had a couple of drinks with family, 'tis the same every new year. I ain't much of a party person or drinker so that's about the height of it for me.

  interzone55 12:20 16 Aug 2007

I spent the night stone cold sober, as i had to ensure our systems didn't die.

I got paid handsomely for being the only sober person on our street.

I was on call out from close of business 29th December to 9am on 4th January.

I did watch the very nice fireworks displays around town from my hilltop abode.

  DrScott 20:50 16 Aug 2007

at a house party trying to seduce a girl, and failing utterly.

Same party, a friend of mine went for a walk and fell asleep on car.

Oh great days.

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