So the tution fees will be used to

  timsmith259 11:43 10 Dec 2010

click here

pay for the Jewish schools security

  Woolwell 11:48 10 Dec 2010

There is no link to tuition fees. Do you have a problem with extra security?

  Marko797 12:55 10 Dec 2010

any mention of tuition fees in this..

  Forum Editor 23:22 10 Dec 2010

that university tuition fees will be used to pay for this initiative - what on earth made you think otherwise?

  DippyGirl 23:53 10 Dec 2010

but as we are here .....
is it inoppertune to bring the West Bank and Gaza to the table?
The partition has not worked. [does it ever ]

Oh dear some nasty people are being very horrible to me and mine - away from the homelands
but thats OK we are building new homelands

[maybe a new "Title" is needed ]

  DippyGirl 23:57 10 Dec 2010

rape the ME , do what you wa nt ...but please dont whine... and when Uncle Sam walks away - beware the flying birds who almost certainly will come home ti roost

  finerty 00:54 11 Dec 2010

and where did you get that idea from that the fees would be embellished in other ways or forms to finance security of faith schools

  Uboat 01:14 11 Dec 2010

Some very fine line type comments on here! Very fine line!

  lotvic 02:46 11 Dec 2010

Giveover ronald

  natdoor 11:08 11 Dec 2010

The increased fees cannot be used to fund anything because it will be at least five years before there is any payback. Meanwhile the treasury will have to pay these increased fees on behalf of students, offset by the reduced funding of universities, which means that the cost to the taxpayer remains much the same over this period. So the increased fees have nothing to do with the short-term financial situation but rather represent the long-term method of financing tertiary education.

  Grey Goo 11:34 11 Dec 2010

Perhaps the Scots will refurbish Hadrian's Wall to repel the invading English Undergraduates seeking free education, although they would have to become Scottish to evade the local tuition fee's

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