So there is life on Mars

  Legolas 19:31 23 Jan 2008

David Bowie asked "Is there Life on Mars?" it seems the answer is yes click here

I knew it was only a matter of time before they proved it. And of course there is also a man on the moon, a monster in Loch Ness, fairies at the bottom of my garden, leprachorns...etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Oh hang on I just remembered I haven't taken my tablets :)

  bluto1 19:35 23 Jan 2008

I'll bet a lot of us were reaching for our tablets after seeing that. Why does the Mohave desert come to mind, or am I an undischarged cynic?

  Totally-braindead 19:36 23 Jan 2008

So its not just a strange shaped rock then?

  Earthsea 19:37 23 Jan 2008

Obviously this kind of thing appeals to Telegraph readers.

  DrScott 19:38 23 Jan 2008

a rock.

There is no life on Mars - or at least humanoid life.

  anskyber 19:39 23 Jan 2008

The number of bonkers people never fails to amaze me.

  SB23 19:44 23 Jan 2008

Sorry, but it just reminds me from years ago, when a double decker bus was found on the moon!

  Legolas 19:47 23 Jan 2008

I can't believe how cynical you all are.

Totally-braindead I'm disappointed in you a strange shaped rock huh the very idea, its obviously a Marsman/Woman stopping a Mars public transport vehicle.

  Legolas 19:49 23 Jan 2008

I wonder what happened to that bus and how did they get it up there ;)

  Totally-braindead 19:52 23 Jan 2008

Did you see the news tonight Legolas. Patrick Moore was being asked about it, the interviewer said something about the figure perhaps waiting for a bus and Patrick said well I hope they keep better time than ours or he might have a bit of a wait.

The conspiracy theorists will love this.

Incidently I remember the bus being found on the moon story, I think it was front page of the Sunday Sport, the following week if I recall correctly it was the headline that the bus had now dissappeared. Now thats news.

  Legolas 20:03 23 Jan 2008

Ah you've rumbled me I did see Sir Patrick tonight, although I have a theory that Sir Patrick believes it is a figure waiting on a Mars bus but of course he can't say so people would think he was bonkers ;)

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