So thats it,I'm an oldie.

  missingit 10:43 22 Apr 2007

On page 25 of this months mag,a small item entitled," Mobile phone for oldies out".

Has a hearing aid compatible speaker,has a large emergency button?? a large keypad, fonts etc etc.

Good, now I know what to get as an upgrade from my SGH-E900.

Does it come with a hearing aid I wonder?

missingit (age 53).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:49 22 Apr 2007

Yes sounded good to me too.

I need one with a large screen and big fonts so I can see who's calling without having to put on the reading glasses.
Those small keys I find very irritating, have gone back to an older Nokia because of the better keypad.

  johndrew 11:52 22 Apr 2007

As we all get there eventually, the marketing is a good ploy. Now all they need to add is a voice activated flashing light and beeper to help find it when you can`t remember where you put it down!!!!!

  jack 12:03 22 Apr 2007

When I had a mobile- I asked my Network[Vodaphone]
to block text messages- simply because I could not read them without reading specs., and I was not interested enough to go to the hassle.

I no longer have a functional mobile.
That is the instrument is/was networked to PAG, and as I have not used it for more than a year I guess I will have been closed down long ago.

  Jim Thing 12:04 22 Apr 2007

"Now all they need to add is a voice activated flashing light and beeper to help find it when you can`t remember where you put it down!!!!!"

LOL. Nice one, johndrew. Spot on!

  Jim Thing 12:18 22 Apr 2007

Aye, for Wrinkled Persons, life is possible without having a mobile phone grafted on to the side of one's face. My late wife was given a mobile by a family member for use in emergencies. She never used it. It has now lived in a drawer of my filing cabinet for almost two years and I've never used it either — in fact I've just been to check that it's still there.

Admittedly I've occasionally felt that it would have been handy for phoning my daughter to ask "Why am I in Tesco's?"

  spuds 12:56 22 Apr 2007

When you get old and feeble, and your eye sight, hearing, mind and heart deteriorates, you do not need a pocket to put a mobile phone in. You need a rather large suitcase, so that your mobile device accommodates all those 'bigger' needed extras ;O)

  missingit 14:49 22 Apr 2007

excuse me,I posted,tongue in cheek.
I do not need large this and that,or a compatible hearing aid thingy.

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