So now we can freeze instead of being warm

  carver 11:01 29 Jan 2012

It's funny I haven't seen this being shouted about forget global warming It seems that every week I am told that average temps are rising but now rather quietly the latest figures are out and it seems that they haven't gone up in years.

Suppose I'll have to dig out the thermal long johns again and sell the summer gear. Worst part is I just sold the snow shoes.

  Quickbeam 11:13 29 Jan 2012

We should all buy chestnut roasting braziers to cash in on the opportunity.

  birdface 11:58 29 Jan 2012

Well I have to admit so far this has been the warmest winter that I can remember,Maybe a lot worse to come mind you.

I remember the cold winter days and nights from 60+ years back and would not like to go back to them.

  OTT_B 13:20 29 Jan 2012

As has been said before, the climate debate has been science led by politics without regard for independence. Even the way in which discovery claims are meted out, with claims being made which simply wouldn't be accepted by any other area of science research. There is no repeatability and only passing correlations of various observations with computer models.

It's noticeable that as more arguments are made that 'global warming' may not be as clear cut as first assumed, the term 'global warming' has been dropped in favour of 'climate change'.

If only people would argue for reduced oil consumption because of unsustainable use, and argue for less pollution because of effects on health and wildlife.

  morddwyd 20:06 29 Jan 2012

"cold winter days and nights from 60+ years back"

When was the last time you saw ice on the inside of a bedroom window, even in a non-centrally heated house?

It used to be quite common!

  namtas 20:23 29 Jan 2012

"When was the last time you saw ice on the inside of a bedroom window, even in a non-centrally heated house"

Day time temperatures were down to -9 deg in Harrogate last January

  Aitchbee 21:52 29 Jan 2012

I remember back in the early 80's,still using paraffin heaters at home.They gave off a great instant heat, but, overnight, the sash-windows would ice-up a few hours after the flames were blown out at bed-time...I can still recall the smell.

The heaters, each, had two glass bottle reservoirs of paraffin fuel which was purchased from a lorry on the street every weekend.

  peter99co 22:45 29 Jan 2012

Strangely paraffin heaters add water to the air. I can't remember the ratio per pint. That would freeze on the glass.

  Forum Editor 23:07 29 Jan 2012


One gallon of paraffin can produce as much as 10 pints of water when burned in a heater. The amount of water is greater than the amount of paraffin because of the water vapour already in the air in the room.

All this extra water vapour condenses on any cold surface, which in the average room includes the windows.

  Graham* 00:02 30 Jan 2012

It's 35F outside, I have cavity wall and loft insulation, and PVC double glazing. The CH boiler is not running at the moment, and it's boiling in here.

  Quickbeam 08:12 30 Jan 2012

"When was the last time you saw ice on the inside of a bedroom window, even in a non-centrally heated house"

!963 which was the last year we lived in a 'tween the wars semi in Bromley, we then moved to a new house in Cheshire that had oil fired central heating the following summer.

1963 was also a record cold winter, so I have the vivid memories of a 7 year old of waking with the hot water bottle stone cold under beneath a hundred weight of blankets, Jack Frost patterns thick inside the windows, the warm smell of the Esso Blu heater on the top landing and a Boxer dog cuddled up in my bed too!

When I looked through the frosted glass, Shortlands South station was at the bottom of the garden, and I would get an ghostly abstract image of the steam trains passing by with huge clouds of condensing steam billowing out into the cold morning air as dawn broke.

Halcyon days, excuse me while I wipe a tear from my rose tinted specs...

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