So, it's to be Eng Vs the 'boks...

  Quickbeam 02:58 15 Oct 2007

The Argies were punished brutally for their mistakes and I mistakenly thought the 'boks were tiring and had peaked.

It won't be easy, but England have raised their confidence to the point that they believe it can be done... they didn't 'believe' at the start.

There will be no ignominy next week... Win or lose, the defending champions play to the last game.

We're thinking of going to Paris to watch from a bar and experience the atmosphere live. It seems The Brigadier actually has a match ticket... anyone know his address?

  Forum Editor 06:51 15 Oct 2007

who might sell you one for 3000 Euros.

  Sapins 08:25 15 Oct 2007

Can you get two?

  anskyber 08:43 15 Oct 2007

SA to win by at least 20 points.......but I'm off to sacrifice a sheep to see if it will make a difference. Anyone got any mint sauce?

  Monoux 08:47 15 Oct 2007

anskyber- The Welsh tried that -- It didn't work

  Quickbeam 09:13 15 Oct 2007

England's worst defeat 36-0 - Sept 14 2007
Springbok's worst defeat 53-3 - Nov 23 2002

'Believe the dream'...

  Si_L 11:59 15 Oct 2007

I think England will have serious trouble with SA, they were a class above Argentinia yesterday.

Although, people wrote us off before the Aussie game, and wrote Arg of before they faced the All Blacks. So who knows?

  babybell 13:11 15 Oct 2007

It will be a close game Saturday. The Springboks were not brilliant yesterday by any means, they lived off some very poor Argentinian play. 3 of their tries came from either interceptions or bad Argentinian passing which they will see very little of against England.

England also showed why as a rugby team they get to these major finals whilst England football fans are left every other year with heart ache after being evicted so close to a final match. They showed guts and determination and above all, pride in their nation. Everyone singing the national anthem and putting their bodies on the line. Something sadly not shown by their 'round ball' counterparts.

  Bingalau 14:04 15 Oct 2007

I thought the Argentinians started off very well, but a couple of handling errors by the more experienced players let the side down. The Springboks were not going to let chances like those get by and took advantage as expected. I can't see England making those sort of chances available for the Boks. I think England are going to win it even though it might be a tight game. ....Swing low...sweet chariot...

  anskyber 14:27 15 Oct 2007

"England also showed why as a rugby team they get to these major finals whilst England football fans are left every other year with heart ache after being evicted so close to a final match."

There is no comparison. Rugby is played by a relatively few number of countries when compared with football. click here To a degree its a bit like Snooker and other minority sports. Bear in mind this is only the 5th running of the event which did not begin until 1987. It sits well behind football in terms of it's true world competitiveness.

  babybell 15:00 15 Oct 2007


It matters not how many teams are involved in either sport. Football may have more playing countries but this is bumped up by teams like San Marino, Luxemberg, Faroe Islands etc. And inevitably in a competition such as a World Cup, these teams will be eliminated and you will be left with around 16 teams fighting it out, which is the same as rugby. And if you think of the world powers in football you have Brazil, Italy, France who are nearly always there at the end of the competition with the likes of England, Portugal, Spain and Germany making up the numbers. Where as in rugby you have South Arfica, New Zealand, Australia, England and France who are all good enough to lift the trophy and even then great teams like Fiji, Wales, Samoa and more recently Aregentina, making it an either tougher competion than football! I'm not saying the two sports are linked that well but merely if the English football team showed as much passion and pride as the rugby team did, then maybe they to could one day grace a world cup or even a european final one day!

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