So the charging for bags carries on...

  lisa02 20:32 04 Mar 2008

B&Q are now doing it as is a local newsagents who wants 10p a bag.

"We'll if M&S can do it, so can we!"

My response in the paper shop was "is the money going to charity like in M&S?"

That shut them up.

  Bingalau 20:52 04 Mar 2008

I do know that even the little shop owners have to buy them, so why should they not charge for them?

Maybe if you take your old M&S bags in they will be able to use them. I was always grateful for any plastic bags when I was running my little corner shop.

  lisa02 20:55 04 Mar 2008

I need to clarify, the newspaper shop is one of a chain but is the local one.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:59 04 Mar 2008

It is a tax on stupidity and laziness. If people cannot be bothered to buy a foldable/reusable canvas bag and take it with them shopping then they should pay for the privilege of being blithering idiots.


  lisa02 21:13 04 Mar 2008

Here's a proposal the Gov't takes the money made from carrier bags and drops next months changes in Income Tax.

My point is that these companies are just cashing in, they know that people will just pay the few pence per bag. I'd prefer they donate the profits to environmental charities! which was my inital point.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:50 04 Mar 2008

I was refering to a personal tax.


  STREETWORK 21:54 04 Mar 2008

Maybe the Goverment could use income raised by 'plastic tax' to offset the ever increasing cost of fuel, £1.13 at our local garage now...

  Forum Editor 22:29 04 Mar 2008

if I'm missing something here, but isn't the idea to reduce the number of plastic carrier bags cluttering up the environment?

Charging for them would seem to me to be a pretty obvious way of achieving that; where the money ends up is immaterial. You might prefer that the profits from the sale of bags goes to environmental charities, but that's up to the companies concerned.

I predict that in the long term people will not "just pay the few pence per bag." They'll develop the habit of taking their own bags to the shops, just like previous generations.

  citadel 22:40 04 Mar 2008

At the co-op today I had a vote on whether to have free bags or not.

  oresome 23:03 04 Mar 2008

In the past I think we were encouraged to not take bags in store by the liberal free issue of plastic carriers.

I suspect the reason was to cut down on shoplifting.............I wonder if it will increase now with customers taking in their bags?

  Stuartli 23:03 04 Mar 2008

Tesco has been encouraging the reusing of its plastic bags for some considerable time and adds Clubcard points if you do so.

It also provides recycling facilities for the bags, along with many other items which can be recycled.

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